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If you are living in the Philippine then you should use PisoWiFi for cheaper internet service. This is a mobile app that is developed and offered by the PisoNet. You can download the app by tapping on the below button.

You just need to download this mobile app in order to pay and connect your phone to a faster WiFi connection. It is just because cheaper than any other network in the country. That is why it famous among people.

The service is installed on the streets so the users can get better connectivity. Apart from that is a prepaid service. So, you download the latest version of Piso WiFi for your Android phones.

What is PisoWiFi?

PisoWiFi is an app for Android mobile phones. It is developed and offered by PisoNet. Not everyone in the country can afford the internet charges as they are quite expensive. Therefore, different telecom companies have installed internet vendor machines. So, this app offers you a cheaper internet.

Piso WiFi is a default gate that you can be used for every connection. It requires you to pay the price through those machines which are installed on the streets. Once you pay the coin, it will start working for you. But you need to use the app in order to run PISO Net on your phones.

This is one of the prominent sources of income for telecom companies in the Philippines. Because most of the people in the country cannot afford the internet at home. But this one is quite cheap and allows you to use according to your need. So, there are different kinds of packages for users.

There are different prices according to time. So, once you buy the package you can start using the connection. Apart from that, you can also pause the WiFi once you complete your work. Then you can use that later anytime. But you will need to have the same app. It is a really helpful and better service.

It works through AdopisoWiFi. This is one of the most used programs for PISO Vendor machines. So, through this software, you are going to get connected with the internet. So, put a coin into that machine then it will process that coin and will provide the package according to payment.

App Details

What is Piso WiFi Pause Time Machine? Piso WiFi Portal Pause is what people need to know about. Because this will help you to control the data that you have bought through that machine. Basically, it is a gateway for the router. Once you will connect through that default gateway, you will be able to control your phone’s connection.

This will provide the option for you to monitor the connection time and the amount that you have to spend there. Pause further allows you to pause the connection and save the rest of the time for next time. You can do that when you want to disconnect the WiFi before the time completes.

For example, if you bought data for 5 hours but you want to disconnect it before that time completes. Then you can simply visit the to get that pause option. This will help you to save that data for the next time. It will be also helpful for you to save your money and time.

Screenshots of the App

How to Login into Piso WiFi

If you are new to this technology and want to use that. Then you must read these instructions. First of all, you need to download PisoWiFi Apk. Then install it on your Androids. Now visit the nearest vending machine. Now you need to connect with the AdoPisoWiFi.

There you need to provide the SSID Key which is “adopisowifi”. Now you will get an option to log in. Thereafter, you need to enter a coin into that vending machine. Once you will do that, you will be connected to WiFi.

Wifi Hacker Free Download Pc

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Final Words


Not everyone has the capacity to get monthly internet packages or install WiFi service at home. But PisoWiFi allows you to do that so. Therefore, I recommend you to download this app and enjoy cheaper internet at your nearest places.

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