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One of the most common problemsthat Epson L120’s user usually encounter with is Red Blinking error. Youmight see the warning message on the printer or on your LCD screen or even onyour computer, which suggests you to contact Epson Support Centre. Read on tolearn more about this error.

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Why Epson L120 get blinking red light

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The main cause for red lightblinking error of Epson L120 is the Waste Ink Pads. Epson L120 is designedwith a Waste Ink Pads which will absorb all wasted ink from the printheadduring printing, cleansing nozzle head.

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Normally, these pads can onlycontain a certain amount of waste ink which depends on its capacity. Normally, the printer can print about 5000-10000 web pages in black-and-white or 1000-4000 web pages before the pads arefull. Once Waste Ink Pad is overflow, the printer will stop workingimmediately. As well as that, the printer sends you red light blinking signalto warn you to change to new pads.

What to do with Red Light Error

Once red light error shows up, youhave 3 options.

First of all, you could change newwaste ink pads at the Epson Support Centre which cost you $50, plus theinconvenient of bring it to the store. As these pads are located at the base ofthe printer, it is very difficult for you to replace it by yourself.

Secondly, you can continue to usethe old pads by washing them. If your printer has a panel underneath, then youcan take the pads out easily. After that, you can wash these pads with cleanwater. Do not use any chemicals on these Waste Ink Pads! Then, squeeze it anddry it.

In case your waste ink pads areplaced at the base of the printer, it is very difficult to do that.

Finally, you might considerresetting your Epson L120 Waste Ink Pads by using software like WicReset.WicReset is now available in both PC and Mac. You can download this softwarefor free but it requires to buy key to reset your printer.

Each reset key for WicResetsoftware can only be used once. For the next times, you must buy other resetkeys which cost you from $3.99 – $9.99 for each. This price is clearly cheaperthan buying the new waste ink pad. Also, it takes you just about few minutes toget back to your jobs.

Using free trial reset key of WicReset Software

WicReset software is a useful toolwhenever your waste ink pad counters is full. Moreover, you could reset the inkcounters with this software for free thanks to free trial reset key. This keywill work well with any kinds of printer supporting Wic utility, to know moreinformation, click HERE.

Remember, the trial reset key canonly be used once for each printer. Although it is free, it still can reset thewaste ink counters up to 90%.

WIC Reset Utility means Waste Ink Counters Reset Utility.

This Utility has been developed for making service procedures with inkjet Epson and Canon printers such as printhead power cleaning, fatal error codes reading, waste ink counters read and reset, print quality pattern printing etc.

The most popular function is – Read Waste Ink Counters. You know printers manufacturers put inside the printers Waste Ink Counters and they may overflow and the printer will stop printing.
So if You have a lot of printing job – it would be very useful to know the Waste Ink Counters values, because if they are near to 100% – the printer may stop and Your job will remain undone in time.

So, it is very important to know the current values of Your printers Waste Ink Counters. It is very easy to check by WIC Reset utility. It is free option.
Download and install the latest WIC Reset Utility version here.
See video tutorial – How to read current values of Waste Ink Counters.

So, if Waste Ink Counters are not overflowed – You can continue printing. That is Ok. But if Waste Ink Counters has been overflowed or are near that – You have to fix this situation.
Technically, this condition requires an Epson service engineer to resolve. It is however, possible that you could fix it yourself by resetting the printer and clearing the counter of how much ink has gone to those pads. You can reset the Waste Ink Counters by YourSelf and save about $50-60 in case You refer to Service Center engineer. They will do the same, but You’ll waste a lot of Your Time and Your Money.

So, if You have already checked the printers Waste Ink Counters and they are overflowed or near this condition – You have to Reset Waste Ink Counter Yourself by WIC Reset Utility.
See video tutorial How to Reset Waste Ink Counters by WIC Reset Utility.

As You can see in video You have to buy Reset Key for Waste Ink Counter Reset. This Reset Keys is for One Reset only. This Reset Key can be used for all supported printer models.
Please before You decide to buy Reset Key – check if Your printer model is supported by WIC Reset utility – see video tutorial How to check if WIC supports my printer model. Pay attention what functions are available for Your printer model. Some models have Read Waste Ink Counters option available – that means You can read Waste Ink Counters values, but RESET function is NOT available. This is because some printer models have separate Maintenance Ink Cartridge, which has its own IC chip . So this IC Chip can be reset by hardware Chip Resetter only. It can’t be reset by any Software. So, please pay attention to this fact and first check Your printers model support.

After You reset the Waste Ink Counter – the Reset Key will became used. You can check the Reset Keys status very easy. See video tutorial How to check Reset key status.

WIC Reset Utility requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 – download here, MAC OS 10.5 Intel and higher – download here
License: FreeWare
Supported languages: Arabic, English, Japaneese, Chineese, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Portugeese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish (see video tutorial How to Change Languages in WIC)

WIC functions:
– check the current value of waste ink counters and ink cartridges counters – FREE
– reset Waste Ink Counters – require RESET KEY – you have to buy Reset Key
– reset Ink Level counters in printers L100, L200, L800 only – FREE
– reset Waste Ink PLATEN PAD counters – FREE (video)
– reset Main Waste Ink Counters to 80% by TRIAL Key – FREE (video)
– reset all Waste Ink Counters to 0% – requires RESET KEY – BUY RESET KEY
– cleaning printhead – FREE
– Ink charge (power printhead cleaning) – FREE
– read and write serial number – FREE
– read and write USB ID – FREE
– read and write HEAD ID – FREE
– make EEPROM dump, backup – FREE
– paper feed test – FREE
– nozzle check – FREE
– color check pattern – FREE
– initialize (disable) PF deterioration offset – FREE
– retrieve device information – FREE
– make firmware downgrade (when do you need it to do?) – require FIRMWARE KEY – you have to buy Firmware Key


NOTE: Different models have different functions available. Check available functionf for Your printer model first. See video tutorial How to check available functions?

Best regards for using free WIC reset utility. Be informed about your printers Waset Ink Counters values. Don’t get Your printer Stopped!

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Use free WIC utility to check printers Waste Ink Counters values. Video tutorial:

Use the Reset Key to reset the Waste Ink counters (XP-600 printer as an example). Video tutorial:

Download lateset WIC Reset utility version – here
Buy Reset Keys – here