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Super Mario Galaxy is another exciting entry in the 3D Super Mario platforming franchise, featuring a classic cast of Nintendo characters. This entertaining adventure takes Mario and his friends to a place that they've rarely gone before – space! After Bowser terrorizes the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps Princess Peach yet again, Mario is blasted into space and crash-lands on a small planet. In order to save Peach and the galaxy itself, Mario must team up with some new friends and explore the vast expanse of space. Like other 3D Mario games, Super Mario Galaxy provides players with numerous colorful worlds to explore, full of fun and interesting platforming challenges. With the addition of new power-ups, anti-gravity features, and wholly inventive level designs, Super Mario Galaxy offers a lengthy and top-quality adventure.

Super Mario 3D Land is the new installment of the great Super Mario game for Nintendo 3DS, a game of adventures, platforms and exploration. We can play this great game without having the Nintendo 3DS console, since through a 3DS Emulator we will be able to play on other platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac and PC games of the Nintendo 3DS. Super Mario 3D World PC Game Free Download. By uploader On Apr 3, 2021. Super Mario 3D World is an Action, Adventure, and Platformer game for PC published by Nintendo in 2013. Mario Comes back! 7/10 (1316 votes) - Download Super Mario Bros 3 Free. Super Mario Bros 3 is the unofficial adaptation of Nintendo's classic platformer arcade game for Windows PC, totally identical to the original video game. Mario is the most famous plumber in the world of video games. Ever since Nintendo.

Main Game Features

  • Over 40 levels to explore
  • Addictive and simple controls
  • Playable in solo and two-player co-op


Super Mario Galaxy kicks off with Mario and his friends visiting Princess Peach during the Mushroom Kingdom's Star Festival. Held every 100 years, the Star Festival is a joyful time where everyone gathers together to watch passing comets and star showers. As expected, the evil Bowser shows up to ruin the fun, whisking away Princess Peach and her entire castle using a huge futuristic ship. Although Mario attempts to save Peach, he is attacked by one of Bowser's minions, sending him careening off the planet. Awakening in the middle of space on a small but humble planet, Mario meets a star-sprite and its owner, Rosalina. Due to Bowser's mischief, Rosalina has lost power to her star observatory, and agrees to help Mario on his journey. As Mario collects more and more stolen power stars, he and Rosalina inch closer to defeating Bowser once and for all.


While Super Mario Galaxy retains the classic formula of 3D Mario adventures, there have been many new mechanics and features introduced. The game's main hub is Rosalina's observatory, where Mario can visit several different domes, each sending him to a nearby galaxy. Galaxies contain a few different planets, each with its own missions to complete. There's a great variety of planets, ranging from ice-covered mammoths to tiny asteroid belts. You'll encounter plenty of huge boss fights, traverse risky platforming sections, and much more. All told, there are 120 power stars to collect, requiring you to complete some pretty tough challenges. Luckily, there are loads of new power-ups and abilities to help Mario on his quest.

First and foremost, players can collect small “star bits” scattered around the map, then shoot them at enemies using the Wii controller. A second player can join in on the game as well, but can only control the star bit cursor. Mario has all of his iconic moves from previous games, including the triple jump, long jump, and side-flip, but earns a few new abilities as well. The most useful addition is the spin, which can be used to attack enemies, solve puzzles, and navigate the environment. There are also several new suits for Mario to collect, such as the Bee suit, which allows him to fly and stick to walls. Levels mostly revolve around one or two gameplay concepts, so you'll never feel overwhelmed or confused at your objective.


Much like the other 3D Mario adventures, Super Mario Galaxy is an expertly polished family-friendly adventure that effortlessly guides players through one joyful stage after the next. It never spends too much time on one gameplay mechanic, offering a huge variety of levels that keep the experience refreshing. The new power-ups are tons of fun, the bosses are cool, and the platforming is top-notch.

Simply put, there's no greater platforming series than Super Mario, and Super Mario Galaxy continues to prove that point. Besides the lackluster co-op mode, Super Mario Galaxy is easily one of the best Nintendo games around.


  • Tons of variety in level design
  • Solid and satisfying movement
  • Colorful graphics and cheerful tone


Super Mario 3d World Emulator Pc

  • Frustrating camera angles
  • Some levels are too challenging
  • Cooperative play gets boring quick

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Overall rating: 9