Siemens Dimension Exl 200 User Manual

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Siemens (120) Stanbio Laboratory. Dimension EXL 200 (2) Dimension RxL Max (1). 1 USB Cable, 1 User Manual, 1 Hemoglobin Cuvette Package Insert (1) Analyzer (3). Dimension® EXL™ 200 Integrated Chemistry System Overview Dimension EXL 200 Integrated Chemistry System ® ®.Trusted, proven technologies, including LOCI® chemiluminescence, for fast and reliable results Easy­to­use Dimension platform provides the confidence that trained operators can run any test, any time. ®.

The Dimension® EXL™ with LM Integrated Chemistry System acts as a single workstation made up of multiple modules. The system measures a variety of analytes in serum, plasma, urine and (CSF) samples, and used disposable Flex® reagent cartridges and cuvettes. The system can perform over 90 different test methods, up to 437 photometric chemistry tests and 187 electrolyte tests per hour. Dimension EXL 200 Siemens Healthineers Australia April 21st, 2019 - Integrated chemistry and immunoassay analyzer with 47 assays onboard and up to 627 tests per hour Dimension® EXL™ 200 Integrated Chemistry System integrates clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing in a system designed for the STAT and small to mid sized laboratory.

True Integration for Increased Efficiency

  • Extend capabilities with a comprehensive menu, including chemistry, cardiac, thyroid, and our automated-pretreatment immunosuppressive drug assays.
  • Avoid splitting samples—simultaneously run most assays from one sample tube.
  • Simplify your workflow—mix and match chemistry and immunoassay tests on the fly in one common reagent area.

LOCI Technology Inside

  • Experience excellent immunoassay sensitivity using small sample volumes with homogeneous LOCI® Advanced Chemiluminescence Technology.
  • Produce fast and accurate results — assay times as short as 10 minutes for key critical assays.
Siemens Dimension Exl 200 User Manual

High Productivity

Siemens Dimension Exl Reagents

  • Increase testing capabilities with 91 assays onboard and the ability to load 18 reagents at once without pausing the system.
  • Respond quickly with STAT sampling from any position and a 4-minute time to first result for a basic panel and electrolyte results in under a minute.
  • Keep systems operating with only 5 minutes of daily maintenance, no daily hands-on maintenance for electrolytes, and the new Dimension Remote Services feature to manage requests when service is needed.
  • Further simplify laboratory operations with connectivity to Siemens Healthineers automation and IT solutions.