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We strongly encourage you to use the official SAP site to generate the modification key for an object. But what shall you do if you’re not allowed to register objects yourself and the person responsible for the task is on a sick leave or vacation? Or you’re facing a serious production issue, need to modify an object and cannot reach that person? Well, there’s a way…

There’s been a tool around “SAP R/3 License and Object Key Generator” which lets you generate the modification keys in a “less official way”. The tool is a Windows standalone application. Download zip file from here and extract it to any location. Run the application, enter your object’s details in “Object Key” section and click “Generate” button.


Another way is to use site “SAP Object Modification/Access Key Online Generator“. Go to the site, enter “SAP System and Object” details and click “Generate Key” button.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Diff b/w developer key & access key Access key is used when we need to do some modification/create an object that doesn’t comes in the customer namespace(object beginning with 'Z' or 'Y').With the help of the access key we can do the modification on the standard SAP objects. SAP Developer key generation: Check for the installation number. For this navigate to System-Status as shown below. IDES SERVER ACCESS FEATURES. Top 4 reasons to use our SAP access services. Account activated immediately after payment. Unlock / reset your user ID password in real time from the website. UP server for 24 X 7 X 360 days access. Multilingual support in all SAP modules. ABAP developer keys and object keys hack. A lot of basis and ABAP people feel protected by the ABAP keys and object keys for standard SAP changes. They have to be called off at SAP marketplace keys section. Let me already give away the clue: since quite some time there is a KeyGen for ABAP and object keys. The protection is gone. Find Registered SAP Developer & Object Access Key. Posted by ITsiti — July 7, 2011 in SAP SECURITY — Leave a reply. Execute transaction code SE16, enter DEVACCESS in table name field. From here, you will get the list of users with their developer access key.

Modification and Developer Keys in S/4 HANA

SAP has deactivated modification/developer keys as a control mechanism in S/4 HANA (starting with S/4HANA 1511). Authorization object S_DEVELOP is sufficient to create and modify programs in S/4 HANA systems. For more information see OSS Note 2309060 – The SSCR license key procedure is not supported in SAP S/4 HANA (

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I am not at all encouraging you to modify SAP standard programs or objects. But there are situations where you need to do this for example implementing form user exits in SD, creating objects as per sap notes etc. Whenever you modify an SAP standard objects or create object in SAP namespace system prompt you to enter access key. This is how you can generate this access key from

You will get this dialog box if you try to modify SAP standard object. This gives you key of the object you are going to create or change along with SAP Release and Installation number. You need this information to generate key. In case you do not have authorisation to generate access key you need to pass these information to the person you are requesting.

Log on to with your credentials and click on link Keys & Requests.

Once you are in Keys and Requests click on ‘SSCR Keys’.

Now select Register Object.

It’s worth mentioning that you can Register Developer here to get developers key and there are reports available too to see all registered developers and object previously registered.

Easiest way is to copy values from dialog box using Cntrl + Y method and paste it here in PgmID Type Object name and press Check button.

Ides Sap Access

You will then have object validated with system name in bottom. Match your installation number and select it using square tick-box in first column and press Register.

You should have message Object successfully registered with Registration Key xxxx

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Copy this number (access key) and paste it in dialog box which you had in SAP system.

Download Sap Web Ide

And press Continue. System will now let you modify the object.