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Rugrats Munchin Land

Developer: THQ
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 2002

This game has unused sounds.

Rugrats Munchin Land is a board game and a parody of The Wizard of Oz.

Rugrats Munchin Land is a PC game released by Nickelodeon and Developed by KnownWonder in 2002. There's no place like home. Even when playing with the Rugr.

Unused Sounds

sample.dls has some strange sound effects. Most are audio clips in other languages and have heavy echo, while one is a heartbeat. When viewing this file in DirectMusic Producer, the properties of the collection these sound effects are stored in says that the author is David Yackley, and attributes the copyright to Microsoft in 1999. Each of the sound effects themselves also has the author set as David Yackley except for heartbeat, which also has a different sample rate from the rest. David Yackley has composed MIDI files for Microsoft, so these sound clips could be samples from a Microsoft program or SDK. This exact file is also found in the DirectMIDI project files, so it is highly likely this file is just a sample file from Microsoft that a developer left on the disc.

1Radio-like filter talk in another language.
5Someone saying 'I lived in... Seattle Washington', reversed.
7Child whispering in some language.
8Same child, but giggling.
9Another radio-like talk in another language (French?).
heartbeatWhat sounds like a heartbeat via ultrasound.
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Remember Candyland

Rugrats Munchin Land Play Online

, the simple color oriented board game most children grew up with in the 70's and 80's alongside other board games such as Rugrats munchin land play onlineChutes and LaddersMunchin and Sorry? Imagine if Candyland got laced into a blender with The Wizard of Oz and those cute little Rugrats kids, and then got turned into an interactive and animated PC game for children. The result here would be none other than Rugrats: Munchin Land

Rugrats Munchkin Land Download Mac Torrent

. Munchin Land is an interactive board game featuring the characters made popular by Nickelodeon's cartoon series

Rugrats Munchin Land Archive

Rugrats. Don't expect amazing 3D animations, or true to life, real time action here. Aimed directly at children under ten, Munchin Land takes the idea of a board game, and plants it directly into the PC. The board itself is simply a standard unanimated bitmap with colorful pictures of scenery and locale. You'll be treated to animated 'characters', which act as your board pieces. Characters walk through the board, reacting to scenery and game details. They each have specialized catch phrases for certain actions, such as entering a mini game and being awarded prizes.

The voices of Tommy Pickles, Chuckie, Angelica and the rest of the Rugrats gang are incredibly realistic. Everything down to the children's lisps and knack for mispronunciation is evident in the game. The voices add humor to Munchin Land, and turn the game into more of an interactive Rugrats episode instead of just another board game.

Rugrats Munchkin Land Download Mac Free

Rounding out the graphics and audio in Munchin Land are various cut scenes, which give Munchin Land its storyline. The detail in animation is much like the actual cartoon, and children should enjoy watching their favorite characters come to life on the PC.