Rock Paper Scissors Fighting Game

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Rock paper scissors and fighting games aren't comparable because of one fundamental concept - symmetric vs asymmetric reward. A person playing a random strategy during rps isn't exploitable. I would literally beat you in within one round because I only throw rock. Battle Masters: Play It At Friv®. Select your character, then choose wisely in buying some upgrades. Fight your way through an epic rock-paper-scissors battle to secure your rightful victory!

The selection of games available for Android devices in Europe is huge. There are regularly original games worth downloading to the phone, which we have told you about on occasion. One game we can add to this list is JanKenUP! which we can already download from the Play Store.

JanKenUP! it’s a game that turn classic rock-paper-scissors into combat the most entertaining. The concept of the game is already original and it is also an entertaining game with good graphics, which we can also download for free on our Android phone.

An entertaining fighting game

JanKenUP! It’s a fighting game, but it’s not the typical game where we have to constantly hit our opponent. In that case we only have three buttons (rock, paper and scissors) and what is important is that we choose the right time to click on one of them and be lucky too. That is, strategy or skill in combat is not what will help us win.

The game created a most interesting atmosphere, thanks to graphics inspired by Japanese anime and manga, as well as good animations. It’s something that helps make these fights more entertaining and fun to play, especially if you like these types of graphics.

At JanKenUP! we have two game modes, the individual game mode or campaign mode, where we will play alone against other rivals, in addition to having a multiplayer mode. If it is a game where we want to play with others, we can play with friends using this mode at any time.

In the game we meet different characters, as we go be able to unlock as we go in the same. Winning these fights is what will help us unlock them. This will allow us to choose the character we want to use in each of these fights.

How to download JanKenUP! on android

Rock Paper Scissors Fighting Game

Rock Paper Scissors Fighting Game

JanKenUP! it’s a game we can free download on our Android phone, available in the Play Store. The game has inside purchases (a purchase of $ 1.39 really) which are meant to unlock all the extra in-game characters at once, instead of unlocking them as you go. You can download it to your phone from the following link.

Rock Paper Scissors Fighting Games