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A powerful Adobe Acrobat plug-in that enables you to combine PDF files and create booklets, as well as perform various other type of page arrangement procedures

What's new in Quite Imposing Plus 5.0:

Quite Imposing Plus 5 Download

  • Variable data merge: using a CSV or TXT file, add text blocks or pictures to many PDF pages. Work with a master document (mail merge) or add to an existing document (stamping). Tech sheet.
  • Supports in macOS 10.15 'Catalina', while still running in Windows, older macOS systems. Plug-in runs in Acrobat 9, X, XI, DC, 2015 and 2017.
  • Automation sequences can do 'partials' to split jobs, or process parts separately. Results can be merged or left separate. Quite Hot Imposing users can split output into an unlimited number of separate files. Tech sheet 1 - Tech sheet 2.
  • Customize control panel: add new panels, add sequences.

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In the case of books, magazines and various other publications, the documents which need to be printed have to go through a special process beforehand, called imposition. The purpose of this procedure is to simplify the overall printing, by maximizing the number of pages that can be fitted on a certain amount of paper and reducing costs in basically every aspect.

Arrange PDF documents before printing them

  • DOWNLOAD LINK:Quite Imposing Plus - plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 9, X (10), XI (11).
  • See full list on quite.com.

Quite Imposing Plus is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that provides you with every function you might need in order to perform the imposition process and get the most out of your documents. Moreover, since it functions as a plug-in, it stays very low on system resources and barely takes up any place inside the application, except for the drop-down menu holding the available functions.

Among these, you can find specially designed features to aid you with the document imposition, such as page merging and shuffling, trimming, bleed defining and even page order reversal. By accessing these options, you are greeted by various control windows, from where you can set up the desired parameters for the function at hand.

Create booklets and automation sequences

In case you want to transform your PDFs into booklets, Quite Imposing Plus offers you a step-by-step procedure to take you through the process, which leaves you with a full-formatted booklet at the end, ready to be printed and distributed. Additionally, you can also perform the imposition manually, if you want to personally customize every part of the output.

You can, however, make your work easier as well, by creating useful automation sequences. These can be used to automate certain actions and cut back on the amount of work you have to put into the imposition, by defining custom commands to be ran whenever various parameters are met. In addition, every action can be automatically repeated with a simple click, in case you want to apply the previous modification again.

A fully-featured document imposition utility

In the end, Quite Imposing Plus provides you with everything you might require in order to perform fast and precise impositions on the desired documents. Moreover, the Adobe Acrobat integration allows you to work directly on the documents, without having to re-open them in other stand-alone applications.

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  • The imposed documents are marked with an 'X'
  • Shuffle Pages For Imposing adds an 'X' to the shuffled pages
  • The Stick On Masking Tape function places an 'X' over the tape
  • The Stick On Text and Numbers function adds the word DEMO after each number
  • Any sequences created with Quite Imposing Plus in the unregistered version can only be played back in the unregistered version
  • Demo layouts cannot be imported into Automation sequences in the unregistered version
  • The Imposition Info function only reports information for impositions made with the unregistered version
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