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Jan 13, 2020 software. MOTOTRBO CPS 16.0 Build 823 AZ. Topics motorola mototrbo. CPS MOTOTRBO Addeddate 2020-01-13 05:24:22 Identifier mototrbocps16.0build823az Scanner. Motorola Solutions has created the first and only mission-critical ecosystem built for public safety. Experience the power of unified voice, data, video and analytics in one, connected ecosystem. Mission-critical infrastructure & devices enables voice & multimedia collaboration to keep you safe & aware. Unified & integrated software seamlessly. From our friends at the 'radio-programming' Yahoo! Group is the following list showing what is the currently part numbers and version of software for many of Motorola's most popular radios. HVN6053 CPS CT250 v2.02.00 HVN6053 CPS CT450 v2.02.00 HVN6053 CPS CT450LS v2.02.00 HVN8177 RSS GM300 v5.00.00 HVN8177 RSS GR300 v5.00.00 HVN8177 RSS GR400.

Motorola Programming Software Mototrbo Cps

Table of Contents


2.What's new in this release


4.Installation, Removal

5.Legal notice

6.Motorola Solutions Publically Available Software Legal Notices Document

1. Introduction

Welcome to the MOTOTRBO Customer Programming Software (CPS) for the MOTOTRBO radios.

This Customer Programming Software is intended for programming radios to be used in the United States of America (USA) to ensure compliance with the narrowband mandate issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Programming of the radio to operate on 20/25 KHz channel spacing is not permitted and has been disabled in this application in compliance with the FCC mandate for Part 90 VHF and UHF effective January 1st, 2013.

Canadian customers and US based customers who are not impacted by this FCC mandate for Part 90 VHF and UHF frequencies may contact Motorola customer service for additional information on how to access the appropriate service tool for your needs.

It is the responsibility of the FCC licensee to comply with FCC Narrowbanding rules and not apply these international & service tools in a manner that is inconsistent with the Narrowbanding regulations or the directions provided by the manufacturer.

2. What's new in this release



14.0 (Build 738)

Support for additional MOTOTRBO 2.7.0 radios.

13.5 (Build 679)

Support for additional MOTOTRBO 2.6.5 radios.

Support for Windows Server 2012 R2.

13.0 (Build 666)

Support for Indoor Location.

Support for Per Channel Out Accessory Pin Profiles.

Support for Digital BSI.

12.1 (Build 645)

Bug fixes.

12.0 (Build 642)

Support for MOTOTRBO 2.5 radios.

11.5 (Build 621)

Support for Home Channel Reminder feature.

Support for Emergency Search Tone feature.

Support for GPS Priority over Voice feature.

Support for Roaming RSSI per Site feature.

11.0 (Build 596)

Support for Text to Speech.

Support for Over-the-Air Battery Management.

Support for DMR Tier II Standard Text Messages.

10.7 (Build 580)

Support for SL Series Commercial models.

10.6 (Build 555)

Support for XiR C1200, XiR C2620, and XiR C2660 models.

10.5 (Build 551)

Support for Work Ticket feature enhancement.

Support for User Defined Data preservation enhancement.

10.0 (Build 510)

Support for Digital Voting feature.

9.0 (Build 470)

Support for MOTOTRBO Light radios.

Support for Analog Scrambling.

Support for Analog Only mode.

Support for 800 MHz and 900 MHz bands for SL Series radios.

Support for 300/400 MHz band for MOTOTRBO 2.0 portables.

8.6 (Build 453)

Support for Network Application Interface feature.

Support for Mic Distortion Control feature.

8.5 (Build 429)

Support for Restricted Access to System feature.

Support for managing Templates, Voice Announcement, Language Packs, and Enhanced Privacy/OTAP/RAS keys in Radio Management.

Support for upgrading Firmware through Radio Management.

Support for gang programming in Radio Management (Windows 7 or later only).

8.0 (Build 410)

Support for Dual Capacity Direct Mode

Support for Over-the-Air Programming

Radio Management for MOTOTRBO Portables and Mobiles

7.6 (Build 384)

Support for Linked Capacity Plus feature.

Support for Bluetooth Programming feature on MOTOTRBO 2.0 and SL Series radios

7.0 (Build 356)

Support for Analog Vote Scan feature.

Support for Voice Announcement feature.

Support for Intelligent Audio feature.

Support for SL Series radios.

6.8 (Build 340)

Support for XPR 6580 IS models.

6.7 (Build 327)

Support for Connect Plus Mandown feature.

Support for AF Suppressor feature.

Support for Noise Suppressor feature.

6.5 (Build 289)

Support for Digital Telephone Patch feature.

Support for One-Touch Telemetry Revert feature.

Support for Enhanced Channel Access feature in Conventional Mode.

Support for Power Alert Disable and Text Message Alert features.

6.0 (Build 244)

Support for IP Remote Repeater Programming feature.

Support for Enhanced GPS feature.

Support for Transmit Interrupt feature in IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus Modes.

Support for converting from MOTOTRBO Conventional Radios to 3600 Trunking Capable Radios.

Support for Analog Voting feature for MTR3000 repeaters.

Support for VHF Range on MTR3000 repeaters.

5.6 (Build 223)

Support for extended ramp-up time for 3600 Trunking Capable Radios.

Support for Dynamic Mixed Mode feature for MTR3000 repeaters.

Support for 800/900 Bands for MTR3000 repeaters.

Support for Transmit Interrupt feature in Conventional Mode for MTR3000 repeaters.

5.5 (Build 213)

Support for converting from 3600 Trunking Capable Radios to MOTOTRBO Conventional Radios, 350MHz, Canada Full Frequency Range and Talk Group Scan List.

5.2 (Build 189)

Support for Dynamic Mixed Mode feature.

5.1 (Build 179)

Support for Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium and Professional Editions.

5.0 (Build 177)

Support for Transmit Interrupt feature.

Support for Quik Call II feature.

Support for Home Revert feature.

Support for up to 32 MDC systems.

Support for 800/900 Bands models.

Support for T3000A UHF Range 1 and Range 2 model.

Support for 3600 Trunking Capable Radios

4.6 (Build 163)

Support for purchasing radio features.

4.5 (Build 144)

Support for Capacity Plus feature.

4.0 (Build 112)

Support for IP Site Connect feature.

Support for Enhanced Privacy feature.

Support for up to 1000 Channels with memory utilization information.

Support for Table View configuration of Channels, Calls and Signaling Systems.

Drag and drop feature enhanced to support General Settings, Accessories, Buttons, Text Messages, Telemetry, Menu, Privacy and Network.

Support for cloning multiple (4) devices from a single archive simultaneously.

3.6 (Build 97)

Support for In Call Criteria and Digital Microphone Gain configuration.

Fix for the error message issue when there is no audio device available.

Fix for non-GPS radio cloning issue using the codeplug version less than 03.00.08 archive files.

3.5 (Build 88)

Support for GPS Revert feature.

Support for UHF Band 2 models.

Support to preserve sorted items.

Support for disabling warning messages.

Support for Microsoft® Windows® Vista Home Premium and Business Editions.

3.0 (Build 80)

Support for additional UHF/VHF high/low power models.

Support for searching the controls on the configuration view.

Support for getting to the selected channel from the list of channels on the zone configuration view using Go tofeature.

Configuration of the GPIO Pins has been changed from logical pin numbers to actual physical pin numbers. Opening old archives will result in reordering of the logical pin numbers to the physical pin numbers (actual operation will not be affected). Refer to online help for the pin number mapping.

2.0 (Build 67)

Support for VHF high power models.

1.0 (Build 59)

Support for the MOTOTRBO UHF radios.

Drag and drop support between models.

Support for renaming channels, systems, calls and lists.

Support for multiple selection configuration. For example, create several Digital Channels and select them all in the tree view and set the Slot of all the Digital Channels to the same value at once.

Support for custom views and undo/redo.

Support for loading language packs in the radio to navigate radio menu and features in different languages.

Support for firmware and codeplug upgrade using the device update feature.

3. Requirements

Please see the Installation Guide for more information about the system requirements for CPS.

Software Recommendations

·Running multiple instances of the CPS application is not recommended.

4. Installation, Removal


You need to have Administrator rights on the target PC in order to install the software.

Follow the steps below for the DVD-ROM version:

·Before inserting the DVD-ROM, disable any virus scanning or firewall software, which may interfere with the installation process.

·Insert the DVD-ROM containing the installation into the DVD-ROM drive.

·If the installation application doesn't start within 30 seconds, the auto-run feature for DVD-ROMs for you operating system is likely disabled. Browse to your DVD-ROM and run the autorun.exe program. For example, if the E: drive is the DVD-ROM, run E:autorun.exe.

Follow the steps below for the software package version:

·Before starting the setup.exe program, disable any virus scanning or firewall software, which may interfere with the installation process.

·Unzip the CPS package to a directory of a local disk.

·Browse to this directory and run the setup.exe program.

If a previous version of CPS has already been installed, you will be given the option to Repairor Remove. If you are upgrading the CPS, then remove the previous version and start the installation process again. If you are re-installing the CPS, then choose the repair option.


1.Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable, which is installed as part of CPS installation, will not be re-installed thru the Repair option.


From the Start button on the task bar of your operating system, select Settings > Control Panel. Select the Add/Remove Programs option within the control panel. Select the MOTOTRBO Customer Programming Software item in the 'Currently installed programs' box and click the remove button.

5. Legal notice

Motorola Solutions and MOTOTRBO are registered trademarks of Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Microsoft® and Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc.

6. Motorola Solutions Publically Available Software Legal Notices Document

Motorola Customer Programming Software Requirements:

  • A PC running any version of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.
  • The PC user must have administrative rights.
  • Previous software versions must first be uninstalled from the PC.
  • A Motorola-branded USB programming cable is required.

Installation Instructions and Software Download:

  • Download the current Motorola CPS.
  • Choose “Save As” and save to a folder or the desktop on the PC.
  • Navigate to that folder or desktop to find and double-click the CPS filename.
  • Extract all files to a folder location on the PC.
  • Locate the executable file (.exe) in the extraction folder and double-click it to start the installation program.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.


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