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Many models that you will find were designed/created by Japanese artists. Before you use them in an MMD project, you will want to translate their bone names into YOUR language. Japanese models have unicode file names... and if you HAVEN'T used Bandizip or its equal to unzip the folder, those file names may look like gibberish to your computer.
There are several ways to translate a model, but this article and YouTube video by our xxBodger describes an easy way to do it.
To use that method, you will need to download PMX Editor.
It is a Japanese software that edits MMD models. Like MMD, you do not install the PMXE program, it just runs from inside its folder on your desktop.
To use its full capabilities, you will need some extensive practice. But to translate your model, as we see in xxBodger's video, there's no problem: just get the software and follow the steps in that video.
I am using PMD Editor v0139 ... it works on my old computer.
We also recommend a PMX Editor v0222
... you don't need both... see if you can run v0222 on your computer.
PMXE is a powerful program... knowing the right stuff you can almost MAKE a model using it. ... and MMDers use it to modify their models.
  1. Mmd Model Maker Download Mac Download

Mmd Model Maker Download Mac Download

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