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Also feel free to chat about any mIRC or IRC related topics on our forum, Thank you! MIRCStorm Bot V2.0.0. XDCC Browser v4.22. Peace and Protection 3.00. MIRC Stats v4.61. A set of scripts for mIRC that can be used to improve downloading from XDCC bots on IRC channels. The add on features bot and pack tracking, auto resume, auto network joining, and much more. Due to randomized wait times, the user can avoid overloading the bots and being booted from XDCC channels.

  1. Old Mirc Scripts
  2. Irc Scripting
  3. Invision Mirc Script Download
  4. Pnp Mirc Script Download
  5. Mirc Scripts 2020
  6. Mirc Power Script Download
  • 1. (10,563) Peace and Protection v4.22.9
  • Out of all mIRC scripts, Pai's Peace and Protection is undefeated in style and substance. Pai released PnP 4.22 back in February 2002. It's contains some 30.000 lines of code an...
  • 2. (7,384) DreamIRC v4.5.004
  • This script enhances the well-known mIRC IRC client program. Many features included (Control Panel with a lot of options, Multiple Server/Network Manager with Multiserver Auto-Join, Auto-...
  • 3. (6,156) mIRC Korona v15.4
  • Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I ha...
  • 4. (5,295) My Theme v5.1.4
  • This is my personal theme system i use. It has many useful options and some stylish ones. I hope others will like and use this Addon!
  • 5. (4,278) YouTube Script v5.2
  • This snippet looks up youtube urls and also searches for matching videos. Paste a youtube link in any channel (or channels specified). Type: !yt <search> to search for youtube...
Op/Voice Information .....Mirc Scripts Download Op/Voice Scripts - mIRC

Old Mirc Scripts

-- Check here for Help Files (mIRC, PIRCH, Windows, and misc.)

-- Check here for PIRCH Pils (the equivalent of mIRC Scripts) and the PIRCH FAQ.

AM/PM Time
CloneStopper 3.2a *
Clone/Bot Script
Color Nicks
Country ID
Double Ping
Distance Converter
Fancy Colors
Full Monty

Hit & Run Script
Hit & Runs & Clones
Ident X Ban
IRC Log Viewer
OpShield-b3 ** Updated!
Stats Count

Temperature Conv
User Level
User List Updater
Virus Notifier N/A
Woodboot - Undernet
X Files

* Updated Recently!

Name: AdsBlockerScript Download
File Info: AdsBlockerScript.mrc
Last Modif: August 2003
Client: mIRC 6.03 (will not work on earlier versions)
This file should be 'loaded' as a 'remote' file. It can be turned on/off and users can even add their friends to their userlist from Commands. For more information on using this handy piece of code, please visit here: Ads Blocker Script Help.
Name: AM/PM Time Download
File Info: a-atime.ini
Last Modif: 8/00
Client: mIRC
This file should be 'loaded' into your aliases. When you insert the $atime into any alias line, it will post the current time according to normal a.m. and p.m. times (not military time).

Irc Scripting

Name: Auto Alias Remote Download
File Info: auto_alias_remote.mrc
Last Modif: 4/03
Client: mIRC
This Auto Alias remote mIRC Script lets Ops run sequential 'Alias' files. Aliases start with a letter, then the line number. Script runs Sequential, Random and manually set setting. This download should be loaded as a remote file in your mIRC program.
UPDATE! - There is a new basic sequential alias auto script! (July 2003)
It's been simplified so its easier to use. It lets you send aliases to channel when Op'ed in channel, or you can send manually.
Download the updatedBasic Auto Aliases.
Name: CloneStopper 3.2a Download
File Info: cs32a.mrc
Last Modif: January 2005
Client: mIRC 6.16
With the new mIRC6.16 comes MrWombat's new version of this outstanding Clone monitoring and control script. CloneStopper3.2 comes with many features and controls. Clone logging window, Switchable two Clone notices, Switchable invite channel switch, Auto Kick/Ban on three clones, Switchable @X bans, Personal flood protection from Clones and much more. A good channel protection script, check it out.
Name: ClonePornNoMore Download
File Info: woodcla-plus1.mrc
Last Modif: Sept 2001
Client: mIRC
Dutchman has again worked his scripting magic and come up with a script to help us watch for the troublesome clone porn bots that plague us on a routine basis. There are some instructions that are required to set it up, so please be sure to read them as they are listed at the top of the file.
Name: Color Nick Script Download
File Info: colnick1.mrc
Last Modif: 6/99
Client: mIRC
No sneaking into channel when using this script :) This uses our user lists to colorize nicks as they enter the channel. It also allows us to type a command once we enter to have the nicks of all our ops/voices/friends be colorized.
Name: Country Identifier Script Download
File Info: country.zip
Last Modif: 9/98
Client: mIRC
Bossmom has modified this script to work a little bit differently. This allows someone to post to channel a domain, and what country it belongs to. For instance, 'be' means that the user is from Belgium.
Name: Distance Converter Download
File Info: distanceconv.mrc
Last Modif: July 2002
Client: mIRC 5.8 and above
Kermit has put together this script to help us with those pesky conversions from inches, miles, and yards -- to centimeters, meters, and kilometers.
Name: Double Ping Download
File Info: DoublePing.ini
Last Modif: July 2002
Client: mIRC 5.8 and above
Kermit wrote this to allow someone to ping more than one nick at a time. Example: /dping nick nick nick nick . Good Job, Kermit :)
Name: Fancy Colors Download
File Info: alkcolors2.zip
Last Modif: Jan 2001
Client: mIRC 5.8 and above
Alk wrote this several years ago, and has been updated for the current mIRC. This is copy/pasted into an alias file, or you can just 'load' the file into your aliases. It lets you use the alias commands to type colorful messages. For a similar program for PIRCH, get cterm.zip. To view the zipped file, click here.
Name: Full Monty Download
File Info: Full-Monty.mrc
Last Modif: 6/00
Client: mIRC
Led-Zep and Lilbug have put this file together. This script is designed to provide a full range of features useful to Ops such as: Clone Detection, Swear Kicks, Bad Nick & Address kicks, and Virus detection (dcc send & on join) -- complete in one file.
Name: Hit and Run Script Download
File Info: HitandRun.zip
Last Modif: March 2003
Client: mIRC
Kermit and Ivette have collaborated together on a new script that will help us in our attempt to snag the persistent and annoying 'Hit & Run Advertisers'. They've done a great job ;) Check here for more information on what all is included in this nifty script -- Hit & Run Script
Name: Hit and Run PLUS Clone Script (two in one) Download
File Info: HKIScript.zip
Last Modif: March 2003
Client: mIRC
Hobbit, Kermit, and Ivette have collaborated together on a new script that will help in our attempt to snag the persistent and annoying 'Hit & Run Advertisers'. plus it incorporates a Clone Script too. What a deal! Two tasks one file.
Name: Ident Multi-join X Ban (IJ Script) Download
File Info: IJScript2.01.mrc
Last Modif: March 2003
Client: mIRC
Written by Kermit: This nifty script helps an Op defend their channel when attackers join in mass form with the same ident. The script will ban with X when 10 (can be set to any number) users with the same ident join a channel. Slick!
Name: IRC Log Viewer Download
File Info: irclv450.exe
Last Modif: April 2002
Client: mIRC
An organized method of easily viewing your mIRC logs.

Invision Mirc Script Download

Name: KSTalk4.1 Download
File Info: KSTalk4.1.mrc
Last Modif: June 2003
Client: mIRC
Kermit: This script gives many options to the @'s and +V's of a channel to chat with one another privately -- options for those wearing their @/+, and for those sitting below.
Name: NukeNabber Download
File Info: nukenabber.zip
Last Modif: 6/00
Client: mIRC, PIRCH, and VIRC
'NukeNabber sets itself up to listen on TCP and UDP ports commonly attacked over the internet. A total of 50 ports can be monitored simultaneously. ICMP dest_unreach attacks are now logged. It is designed to give you the information you need in order to trace an attacker including a method of finding an attacker's nickname on IRC (mIRC, VIRC and PIRCH clients are supported.'
Name: OpShield Download
File Info: opshield.mrc
Last Modif: March 2004
Client: mIRC
MrDragon: OpShield.mrc is an Op Control script that helps monitor Channel Op & Voice activities. If there is no Cservice bot in Channel (X), this script allows OP's to use a password to gain Op status from you. Also by using !cycle text on hopping channel, can get reOp'ed by you. !voice !devoice controls are here too.
Colourizer: will highlight Op & Voice nicks, also has ON JOIN notifications.
Channel Limit's: can also be set here to control mass joins.
NOTES: This script is a combo of three scripts. The old OpShield.mrc, OpCycle.mrc and ChanLimiter.mrc so you need to unload them if you have them. With this script loaded, you have the power to use the channel password for what it was meant for. Other Ops can send you the password key in a msg and this script will Op them if cservice bot (x) is down. Now will also set Channel Limit, if X is not there to do it. (only one of us need run this at a time). Important: You must have the Op/Voice correct addresses in your 'users list' for things to happen. Script needs setting up on loading with password, channel, bot etc.
Name: OpShield-b3 Download
File Info: opshield-b3.mrc
Last Modif: February 2005
Client: mIRC
MrDragon: OpShield-b3.mrc is the same as opshield.mrc but with a ROBOT control add-on. By setting a list of addresses in your users list, you can control them as channel bans. For channels that have their own channel Bot that is used to set bans other than the server ([email protected]), this script will run when channel Bot has split. Also this script contains channel Oping controls and if [email protected] goes it can controls channel limits, etc.
Name: Ops Eye Download
File Info: opseye4a.mrc
Last Modif: 5/03
Client: mIRC
MrWombat: This script can be used by Op's to help control things that happen in channel and help Op's keep control if server Op is gone etc. It has controls so things can be turned OFF or ON, set a Safe Mode, or have Total control with all ON. Level 4: is also left in for Ops that have 'friend' set at that level ( colour script etc ) but will still have some control over their conduct. I have added that join/address lookup to the Opseye.mrc script too. Hope its of use to all Op's here and elsewhere.
Name: OpV6.1a Download
File Info: opv61a.ini
Last Modif: 3/06
Client: mIRC
MrWombat: This is an opchat script written to give those people wearing the @ various ways of chatting with other @'s, as well as ops that may be sitting below. Lots of options and easy to understand. This file should be loaded as an Alias file. Note: Recently updated by Zyzzyx to fix the script so it won't flood you off if the commands are typed outside of a channel window. Thanks Zyzzyx!
Name: Stats Count Download
File Info: a-statcount.ini
Last Modif: 8/00
Client: mIRC
Load this file into your aliases section, then you can either post to channel the current Op/+/Visitor stats, OR, you can post to a text this information.
Name: Swearkick Download
File Info: Swearkick.mrc
Last Modif: Feb. 2004
Client: mIRC
MrDragon: Load this file into your Remotes Section, then type /skadd to add in the swear words you'd like the Remote Script to react to. It lets you set up a kick/ban list of words used in nicks and user addresses that you'd rather not be used in your channel. The script will remove them on joining channel and on bad nick changes in channel if you are op'd.
Name: Temperature Converter Download
File Info: a-tempconv.ini
Last Modif: 8/00
Client: mIRC
Load this file into your aliases section. Click on your Aliases, File/View, and select a-tempconv.ini. Once open you can see the different commands which all ultimately do the same thing. They convert Fahrenheit to Celcius and Celcius to Fahrenheit. Handy for those times when people aren't familiar with one or the other units of measuring temperature.
Name: Tools Download
File Info: tools.mrc
Last Modif: 9/01
Client: mIRC
Load this file into your remotes section. Open it up for a description of each scripted line and what it will do for you. A few raw commands, sound functions, dcc send notifier, and more.
Name: User Level Script Download
File Info: op2usr.zip
Last Modif: 6/98
Client: mIRC
Alk wrote this so enable us to easily and quickly update the op-v-ip.txt that is sent out monthly. Running this .exe will create a new op list with all the current user levels intact. We can then copy/paste the new information directly into our mIRC user list.
Name: User List Updater Download
File Info: Ulist_Updater 2.3.zip
Last Modif: 11/00
Client: mIRC
Memoe wrote this for the #B Ops and Voices. This script will update your user levels with the access levels you want from ip text file. It will also mark which ops or voices are on temp leave. Requirements: mIRC 5.7 or higher.
Name: Virus Notifier Download
File Info: virusnotify.zip
Last Modif: 6/00
Client: mIRC
This helps to notify the Ops/Voices of the channel when someone joins who may be infected with a trojan or virus.
Name: Woodboot - Undernet Download
File Info: woodboot12.zip
Last Modif: 9/01
Client: mIRC
Homepage: N/A
Dutchman has recently updated this well-rounded mIRC Script built specifically for use on the Undernet. Wooden Boot is a channel protection script. It helps operators of Undernet IRC-channels in maintaining the desired chat-environment. This script comes with several functions, like: Floodprotection, Sweardetection, Clonescanner, Opshield, Privateguard, and more.
Name: Woodboot Download
File Info: Woodboot.zip
Last Modif: 1/01
Client: mIRC
Homepage: N/A
Dutchman has put this well-rounded mIRC Script together. Wooden Boot is a channelprotectionscript. It helps operators of IRC-channels in maintaining the desired chat-environment. This script comes with several functions, like: Floodprotection, Sweardetection, Clonescanner, Opshield, Privateguard, and more.

Pnp Mirc Script Download

Name:X Help Files (5)Download
File Info: xcmds.zip
Last Modif: Dec 2001
Included in this zip file are five (5) different files you may find quite helpful if you are opping on the Undernet and using the X bot. Inside the zip file, you'll find the following: (NOTE: you can download each file separately by clicking on the named link)
  • X commands nicklist.mrc
    MRC file (for mIRC) - load into your remotes and access the commands through your 'nicklist'
  • X helpfiles.mrc
    MRC file (for mIRC) - load into your remotes and access the commands through your 'channel' window, and 'query' window. Very helpful information!
  • xcmds.hlp
    'Help File' format - load into your main mIRC directory, then you can access the windows based help file through the mirc toolbar under the word 'help/help files'....amazing :) Put together by Cservice
  • xcmds.txt
    Text File - load into your main mIRC directory, then you can access the .txt file from the mIRC toolbar at 'Help/Text Files'.....very kewl, plus this is printable for those who like to have printed papers available ... to lose :) Put together by Cservice
  • xcmds.chm
    Help File format -- try it, you'll like it. Put together by Cservice

Mirc Scripts 2020

Mirc Power Script Download