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A special edition of the KNOPPIX OS designed to boot the distro from a USB stick

KNOPPIX Boot CD is an open source and special edition of the KNOPPIX Linux operating system specifically designed to be used by users who want to boot the well known distribution from a USB flash drive on a computer that does not have support for USB boot.

Available for download as a dual-arch, dual-language Live CDs

Arco-Debian – a bootable CD Linux with automatic hardware detection is originally based on Knoppix and Kurumin, which are based on Debian. The live CD features a few window managers such as: Fluxbox, IceWm and Window Maker and the KDE desktop environment version 3.5.5. It also includes the LAM stack apache2, mysql and php4. Download KNOPPIX from Mirrors Most of the following institutions have good connections to the German research networks (this is particularly useful for students and educators). They have graciously agreed to set up limited hosting areas for downloading the bootable KNOPPIX GNU/Linux ISO images. In my virtual machine, the Live CD. KNOPPIX is a bootable Live system on CD, DVD or USB flash drives. It consists of a representative collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection.Also it support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. KNOPPIX Live CDs are available for download separately with LXDE. As mentioned before, this is the Live DVD of the KNOPPIX Linux distribution. A Live CD edition also exists on Softpedia, built around the lightweight LXDE desktop environment. Whether you use KNOPPIX to rescue a broken. Knoppix -ar is an project for creation of the sofware open source, complementary for program knoppix 5.1.1 live CD/DVD and hind. Currently have packet for funds GRUB and splash screen for KDE 3.5.X the packet for version Debian and architecture is all.

The distribution is available for download as minimal, dual-arch Live CD ISO images of approximately 12MB in size, one for each of the supported languages (English and German).

Knoppix Linux Live Cd Iso Download

While the ISO images must be first written on CD discs, they will be bootable on any computer that supports the 32-bit (i386) and/or 64-bit (x86_64) instruction set architectures.

Minimal boot prompt designed to boot KNOPPIX from a USB flash drive

When booting the CD image from the BIOS of a computer, the user will encounter a minimal boot menu where he or she must press the Enter key to start the distribution.


It will load in a couple of seconds and starts monitoring the USB interface for a drive that contains the KNOPPIX operating system. If the USB thumb drive is detected, it will boot the distribution into the live environment.

A few words about KNOPPIX

KNOPPIX is an open source and completely free operating system comprised of a great selection of GNU/Linux software. It boasts automatic hardware detection, as well as support for a wide range of graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI, USB devices and other peripherals.

KNOPPIX is a distribution of Linux that has been designed from the ground up to be used as-is directly from the Live bootable medium, without installing anything on your computer.

Bottom line

Summing up, KNOPPIX Boot CD is a special edition of the KNOPPIX Linux operating system that will help you to boot the distribution from a USB thumb drive on computers that don’t support booting from USB devices.

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KNOPPIX Boot CD was reviewed by Marius Nestor
New in KNOPPIX Boot CD 7.0.5:
  • Version 7.0.5 of Knoppix is based on the usual picks from Debian stable (squeeze) and newer Desktop packages from Debian/testing and Debian/unstable (wheezy). It uses kernel 3.6.11 and xorg 7.7 (core 1.12.4) for supporting current computer hardware.
  • Optional 64-bit Kernel via boot option 'knoppix64', supporting systems with more than 4GB of RAM and chroot to 64-bit installations for system rescue tasks (DVD version only).
  • LibreOffice 3.6.4,
  • Gimo 2.8,
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KNOPPIX Boot CD 7.2.0

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