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JW Library is the officail app of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which comes pre-loaded with the Bible, Books, and brochures. 390 Sep 19, 2019 JW Library App Windows 10 PC I have installed JW Library App in my windows 10 laptop. JW Library is the officail app of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which comes pre-loaded with the Bible, Books, and brochures. 390 Sep 19, 2019 JW Library App Windows 10 PC I have installed JW Library App in my windows 10 laptop.

Looking to download JW Library for MAC?

Here is our step by step guide to do it.

If you are looking for a smartphone application that provides you with not only the Bible but also its translations in several languages, the JW Library App is the perfect match for this purpose. While there are several Bible reading apps in the market currently, the authenticity and sources of such applications are questionable. JW Library is one of the most popular apps of this niche and completely safe to download and use. This app is only supported in smartphones and available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. If you want to download it on a PC, irrespective of the operating system you are using, an emulator can easily perform the task for you. Follow this guide to know more about the steps.

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Download JW Library For Windows PC using an Android emulator

Jw Library App For Windows 10

1. The download process using an emulator is quite simple. As this app is available in the Google Play Store, it can be downloaded using an Android emulator. The main function of an emulator is to replicate the user interface of one system onto another. Here the Android interface is copied on your PC.

2. The recommended Android emulator is BlueStacks. It is currently the most popular Android emulator there is. While there are several other emulators available, you can use anyone for this task. All emulators will yield the same result. The download link to BlueStacks can be found online on their official website.

3. Launch the emulator after you have downloaded and installed it on your PC. The user interface of the emulator should resemble that of an Android smartphone. Locate the Google Play Store on the homepage of the emulator and open it.

4. You will instantly be directed to a log in page. Since you are accessing the Play Store for the first time from your PC, this log in step is mandatory. You can either use an existing account or create a new one with a simple email verification process.

5. After you have successfully logged into the store, you will get unrestricted access to all the apps there. Go to the Search tab at the top of the window and search for JW Library.

6. The app will instantly appear as a search result. Click on the Install button next to the app. JW Library will be downloaded and installed on your PC. Launch the app from the emulator by clicking on the app icon.

Download JW Library for Mac using an iOS emulator

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1. Although this app is available in the Apple Store, you cannot download it on your Mac. For that, you will need the help of an emulator that will replicate the iOS operating system on your PC.

2. The recommended iOS Emulators for this case are iPadian and MobiOne Studios. Both these emulators are completely virus-free and efficient. You can easily download them from their official websites. You can also use any other emulator according to your convenience.

3. Once the emulator is downloaded and installed on your PC, launch it. If the user interface of the emulator does not resemble that of an iPhone, uninstall the current emulator and repeat the steps with a new one.

4. Open the App Store from the home page of the emulator. At this stage, you will have to log in to the store to be able to download apps. You can either create a new account and sign up or use an existing account.

5. Once inside the store, search for JW Library. The app will appear instantly. Click on the Install button next to it.

6. JW Library App for MAC will be downloaded and installed. Go to the JW library icon on your emulator and click on it to launch the app.

Key Features of JW Library

  • JW Library has several copies of the Bible translated in various languages across the world to enhance user experience.
  • If you want to know more about a certain verse or line of the Bible, you can click on the reference marks and the footnotes will be shown.
  • To verify all the Bibles that JW Library offers, you can compare all of them verse by verse by pressing on a verse number.
  • You can mark favorites and place bookmarks to take up reading from where you left off last time.
  • If you are looking for a certain word or phrase in your current publication, you can easily look through the literature with the help of the Search tool.

Similar Bible Apps

  • Sermon Audio – This app serves the best purpose when you want to listen to sermons and verse readings. The Bible can also be accessed from the same application.
  • Bible – With over a thousand versions of the Bible in the app library, you can find the Bible in any language you want. Additionally, you can also take notes while reading the Bible in the app itself.

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14 July 2017

easy to use. just love it

14 July 2017

Anyone else having this issue or know of a work around?

13 July 2017

Streaming audio doesn't play when trying to listen to bible reading or in other publications. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that did not work. Running Windows 10 Creators update. Otherwise fantastic app! Thank you Jehovah for this study aid!! it has helped me exponentially.

13 July 2017

One app for so many publications. Always have the literature that you need at your fingertips.

13 July 2017

This app makes Bible Study fun and enjoyable! The number of publications, videos, magazines, brochures, that are readily available is unbelievable. Not to mention there is no charge ever! Thank You Thank You Thank you!

13 July 2017

Wonderful app for all things Theocratic. On a Surface Pro 4/Creators Update, all works well except streaming audio for publications, including the Bible, the stream doesn't start playing while stream of audio works fine. One caveat, audio stream for publications DOES work when I am connected to my TV via Roku 4 and Microsoft Wireless Display. Hope these details help figure out the issue!

12 July 2017

Great bible study tool

12 July 2017

Precisa atualizar. Mes passado, depois de baixar o broadcasting de junho, deixou de abrir. Tive que formatar o celular. a última versão está fechando na tela de abertura

11 July 2017

É exatamente o que ele é o melhor dos melhores, você consegue fazer tudo e estudar tudo o que se precisa para estar bem espiritualmente, facilidade para acessar as publicações, praticidade para fazer estudo pessoal, simplicidade para baixar as publicações. Qualquer pessoa até uma criança aprende a usar o site. Obrigado ,meus amados irmãos

11 July 2017

Very easy to use. Essential for anyone considering a serious study of the Bible.