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Bejeweled 3 is an innovative puzzle game that provides you with an addictive and challenging gaming experience. With a variety of gameplay options and challenges, this game will appeal to a large and diverse audience. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, are looking for an entertaining way to fill a long or short period of time, love tile-matching. Unlike in previous games, injuries unfold in real-time in this game and must be endured until their effects wear off. However, one injury that doesn't heal quite so easily is the loss of a limb! As in previous games, attacks tear the flesh to varying degrees - and can even result in losing a body part completely (along with a river of blood). Mdickie Hard Time free download - MemoKit, Dr. Web Anti-Virus for Workstations, LatencyMon, and many more programs.

Download Free Hard Time for PC using this tutorial at BrowserCam. Discover how to download and Install Hard Time on PC (Windows) that is certainly produced by Mdickie. which has wonderful features. We have to explore the criteria for you to download Hard Time PC on MAC or windows laptop without much struggle.

Most important factor is, to get a Android emulator. You’ll find so many free and paid Android emulators readily available for PC, having said that we suggest either Andy OS or BlueStacks because they’re top rated and perhaps compatible with both Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and Mac operating-system. Next, take into consideration the recommended Operating system specifications to install Andy or BlueStacks on PC before installing them. Free download any one of the emulators, in the event your PC meets the suggested Operating system specifications. And finally, it’s about time to install the emulator which takes couple of minutes only. Click on 'Download Hard Time APK' icon to begin with downloading the apk file within the PC.

How to Install Hard Time for PC:

1. Download BlueStacks emulator for PC using the link displayed inside this website.

2. Begin installing BlueStacks Android emulator by simply clicking on the installer when the download process is over.

3. Through the installation process simply click on 'Next' for the 1st two steps when you begin to see the options on the screen.

4. You may notice 'Install' on the screen, just click on it to get started with the final installation process and click 'Finish' when it is ended.

5. Start BlueStacks emulator using the windows start menu or maybe desktop shortcut.

6. Connect a Google account just by signing in, which could take couple of min’s.

7. Ultimately, you will be taken to google playstore page this allows you search for Hard Time app using the search bar and then install Hard Time for PC or Computer.

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You can easlily install Hard Time for PC applying the apk file if you fail to discover the app inside the google play store just by clicking on the apk file BlueStacks program will install the app. You may stick to the above exact same process even when you choose to pick Andy OS emulator or if you want to select free install Hard Time for MAC.

From day one there have always been calls to bring my brand of trash-talking fisticuffs to the streets. However, since I'm in no position to create the epic cities of Grand Theft Auto, I've always envisaged keeping the criminality behind bars. The recent success of shows like Oz and Prison Break has proved that there's plenty of drama when testosterone-fuelled characters interact at close quarters! It's a theme that my wrestling games have been capitalizing on for the past 6 years, so let's see how it pans out on a larger scale than ever before...

Welcome To The Jungle

As you may have gathered, this game takes place in the confines of a prison - but it's no ordinary prison! Southtown Correctional Facility is an experimental jail that specializes in short doses of 'hard' time. Its inhabitants are locked up for a matter of months rather than years, but rehabilitation comes thick and fast courtesy of a strict (and violent) regime. The game plunges your customized character into this world and challenges you to guide him through to his release. What ensues is an amalgamation of practically every game I've ever made! The survival concept ofWrecked returns to form the backbone, the fighting gameplay and improved visuals of World War Alpha put meat on the bones, and the deal is sealed with the RPG-style character building and conversation-driven storylines of the sports games. All of which fuse together to produce the biggest, deepest, and most visually appealing project yet...

Plastic Population

This game's heritage is more important than most. Although the idea of a prison simulator had been on my mind for some time, it wasn't remotely possible until World War Alpha gave us more characters onscreen. Depending on what your computer can handle, Hard Time features up to 100 inmates lurking around the prison building - dozens of which could be onscreen at any given time! Despite using the same low-poly models, they actually look quite good too - thanks to the high resolution textures that are now the standard. Plus the inmates have more freedom to express themselves than you'd expect - as the standard overalls can be worn either baggy or tight, long sleeve or short sleeve, and even stripped down to a t-shirt, vest, or bare chest! Coupled with the seamless racial shading and hair/build variations of previous games, that makes for a cast of truly unique characters. In fact, the characterization is so robust that the game has the confidence to generate its own each and every time! Instead of the same 100 preset characters, you get a whole new selection of inmates and wardens to get to know - from their appearances down to their vital statistics and identities...

Cell Division

Not only do the characters look better than ever, but the prison itself has required some advancements of its own. The scores of inmates are scattered across 4 separate prison blocks (North, South, East, and West) - each of which consist of 2 storeys of 10 cells linked by a huge staircase and balcony. Despite its inherent simplicity, this concrete jungle is actually the most sophisticated piece of architecture that I've ever had to contend with. Carefully slotting all the cells together and sealing them behind bars was a logistical nightmare - so much so that the game couldn't afford for them to be kitted out with anything more than the beds and a few lockers! Fortunately, this is one location that isn't supposed to look appealing - so I could get away with murder (pun intended)...

Let There Be Light

More stimulating surroundings can be found elsewhere. In addition to the 4 prison blocks, there are 7 additional novelty locations - a large 'Main Hall' that lies at the heart of the building, an outdoor 'Exercise Yard' where you can improve your body, a 'Study' where you can expand your mind, a 'Workshop' where you can make things, a 'Hospital' where you can keep your health in check, a 'Bathroom' where you can get some privacy, and a 'Canteen' where you can eat. Moving from one location to another simply involves walking repeatedly against the relevant door - although some loading is required (as in Wrecked) to help the game cope. It's worth waiting for this time though! The scenery in this game boasts more attention to detail than ever before, and ensures that each room is better than anything you've seen in previous games. Not least because there's a new lighting system that actually emits light from the various bulbs and fittings (rather than using one all-encompassing source like the sun)...

Walk On The Wild Side

Like most third-person adventures, this game uses a 'turn & advance' movement system to allow you to face any direction and approach any part of the scene with pinpoint accuracy (as in Wrecked). It makes the fighting a little stiffer than wrestling fans may be accustomed to, but exploration becomes more important in a concept like this. Most locations have interactive areas - such as chairs and beds - that can be accessed by repeatedly walking against them (much like the doors). To return to your feet you simply press any direction again, and can then carry on strolling around the scene. Meanwhile, the camera constantly follows in the most appropriate way possible. Instead of offering you a wide range of optional camera angles, this game uses one preset 'over-the-shoulder' angle for movement and then automatically lurks closer when you're performing automated tasks - such as working or resting...


The fighting controls should be a little more familiar, because they're almost identical to what we saw in World War Alpha! The same network of upper attacks, lower attacks, big attacks, blocks, and stomps, returns to let you vent your fury on your fellow inmates. However, one major difference this time is that grappling moves have joined the system! It's the first time we've seen them since the last wrestling series, so everything here is brand new. Most noticeably, the fact that the shoulder-to-shoulder tie-up has now been replaced by an instant headlock. Whenever you reach out and successfully grab a victim, you immediately wrap your arm around their head and hold them captive. From here you can then trigger a small range of basic throws and crushes (these guys aren't pro wrestlers after all!). Another modification is that punching and kneeing your headlocked opponent is now an instinctive choice rather than a preset animation. Every time you press the attack button, you throw out a solitary shot before returning to the hold. This means you can choose how many hits you score, and can even use them as a prelude to a bigger move!


With A Little Help From My Friends

In addition to boasting the largest population of characters that my games have ever required, Hard Time also blesses them with revolutionary new artificial intelligence. Previous games had limited the idea of relationships to one particular friend and one particular enemy, but here every single character has their own unique history with every other character! The result is that you can build up a network of dozens of friends and enemies - and become embroiled in the tangled relationships of others. It's no empty gesture either. Your relationship with other inmates seeps into the way they treat you, and even LOOK at you - with scowls for enemies and doe-eyed affection for friends. As if that's not noticeable enough, friendly characters even stop to wave at one another when they haven't seen each other in a while! It can be annoying when you're in a hurry, but you'll find it helpful to know that friends are nearby...

Murder Ink

The surest way to guarantee yourself some friends is to join a gang! Gang membership goes beyond the casual relationships you have with other characters, and locks both you and your comrades into a powerful family. They're not easy to infiltrate though, and generally require that you prove yourself to be an asset to the team and a good earner. There are 6 separate gangs in total, and each has its own agenda - which you may or may not be compatible with. 'The Suns Of God' are the resident white supremacists, who seek to subjugate other races. 'The Avatars Of Allah' are their fanatical Muslim equivalents, and seek to wage war against disbelievers. Meanwhile, 'The Dark Side' fly the flag for black culture and seek to usurp their white oppressors. In addition to these racially motivated gangs, there are 3 other more universal gangs. 'The Powers That Be' are a group of intellectuals that seek to attain political power. 'The Gladiators' are their athletic counterparts, and seek to rule by brute force. And finally, 'The Peaks' are the only friendly gang - who welcome all on the path to rehabilitation, but honour a strict behavioural code. If you look closely, each gang proudly wears its own range of tattoos - but to help you identify them at a glance they also have different styles of dress and ostentatious accessories that they wear...

Look Who's Talking

Although they can be influenced by your actions, most rivalries and allegiances stem from your conversations with others. This game uses a unique promo system that unfolds in real-time - allowing you to have conversations with anyone, anywhere, at any time! Once you're in close proximity of another character, there are literally hundreds of things that they might confront you about - ranging from bold statements to multiple-choice questions. Each has its own unique effect on your progress and mental status - such as making you happy when praised or unhappy when criticized. Rather more importantly, your reputation is also at stake when making decisions. Complying to an unreasonable request may save your skin and make you an ally, but it's also seen as a sign of weakness and damages your status. Whereas standing your ground and making tough decisions will earn you some respect. In fact, your reputation determines which subjects are likely to come up in the first place. As in real life, other people tend to leave you alone (and even suck up to you) if you're seen to be powerful - whereas docile characters are prime targets for bullies...

Men On A Mission

Your fellow inmates aren't the only ones that can offer food for thought. For the first time in my games, storylines can also be triggered by inanimate objects - such as tanoys that make announcements and phones that wait to be answered in the main hall. They're the game's goodie bag - giving you the chance to receive progress-boosting offers (in amongst the inevitable wrong numbers!). The most intriguing of them are little 'missions' - which are not only a fun distraction, but can also earn you extra money and valuable reputation points. There are dozens of them to come across - ranging from delivering messages to whacking a specific character. And even more assignments can come from your fellow inmates - not least from gangs who consider it your responsibility to do their bidding. Even the wardens get in on the act by setting you certain self-improvement goals to reach - but doing what they say is more likely to damage you rep than improve it! They do have the power to shave precious days off your sentence though...

Dead Or Alive

You'll soon find that surviving in prison is a delicate balancing act. What makes you popular with the cons makes you unpopular with the wardens - and vice versa! When you're seen to step out of line or disobey an order, the wardens will emerge like a gang of their own and give you a beating. And if you don't take the hint (or did something particularly bad), that will be the least of your concerns. There are over a dozen separate charges that the wardens can bring against you, and upon doing so alarms will follow your every move and every cop on the beat will be out to get you! Once one of them gets you in a headlock, they won't let you go until you've been dragged before a judge to answer for what you've done...

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Court In The Act

Court cases are nothing new to my games, but they've never been more relevant than in this prison concept! For once, being found guilty actually results in jail time (albeit time added to the sentence that you're already serving). It's not a forgone conclusion though. Each of the characters concerned gets to make their case before the judge rules either way - and if he takes your side, it may be the warden that gets reprimanded for wasting the court's time! However, there's more at stake than mere jail time and a few fines. As with everything else, the court verdict has contrasting effects on your reputation. Your fellow convicts only respect a guilty man, and will look down on innocent verdicts (or even be suspicious of them). Meanwhile, the prosecuting officer may hold it against you if his case isn't successful...

Hard Day's Night

If you want to keep your nose clean, you can always put money in your pocket by working legitimately. In addition to missions and underhand deals, there are all manner of laborious jobs to dedicate your time to. At the bottom of the barrel is sweeping the floors, which anybody with a broom can do! It's tiring and unfulfilling work though, and won't do your status any good. If you gain qualifications, there are cushier (and better paid) opportunities in store - ranging from preparing food in the kitchen to concocting chemicals in the medical bay. It's not technically accurate that a prisoner would acquire (or even need) money so easily, but it's vital that you have cash at your disposal for the sake of the game. After all, wardens can't be bribed with cigarettes!

Weight Watchers

It's not just your bank account that needs boosting either! You can make similar improvements to your body by committing your time to exercise. In addition to a health meter, each character's physical status is further represented by 'Strength' and 'Agility' ratings (as in the wrestling games). Strength governs how much damage a character can inflict and their fighting prowess in general, so it's something to build up in yourself and be wary of in others. Although it occasionally improves when fighting, it can be deliberately honed by lifting weights in the yard. You simply take a seat at a bench press or take a smaller dumbbell in hand, and the character automatically pumps away - earning strength points at the expense of energy (so you can't do it all day!)...

White Men Can't Jump

There are also exercises for improving your agility - and they tend to be a little more fun! The yard has a basketball hoop mounted on the wall, and when near it your attempts to throw an item are translated into a jump-shot. You can do it with any given item, but a ball is provided for your convenience. It's very much an afterthought and doesn't offer anywhere near the polish of a dedicated sports game, but it's a nice little distraction. That's not all it is though. Every basket scored (regardless of what you do it with) earns you agility points and significantly boosts your happiness along the way. As you'd expect, 'Agility' governs how fast your character moves (which comes in handy when evading enemies!) and also affects how quickly your health is exhausted throughout the day. If you don't fancy developing it with silly games though, you can always take a jog around the yard and hope for some spontaneous improvements...

Mind Control

In addition to keeping your body in check, you can also expand your mind by reading books in the study. As mentioned with the jobs, 'Intelligence' governs which opportunities you have access to. It's not all about work though. There are several computers dotted around the prison, which intelligent inmates can use to access data about every character in the game! Not only is this a fun little gimmick, but it also comes in handy for planning missions and swotting up on your enemies. Being smart is one less thing that people can pick on you for too! In fact, a superior mind has been known to humble the other inmates as surely as a superior body...

Dawn Of Creation

Not all work revolves around intelligence though. The more dexterous inmates can put their strength to good use in the workshop - where items are constructed from raw materials. Unlike the other jobs, this one isn't symbolic either! The item in question actually spawns on the bench where you make it (much like the creations in Wrecked), and can then be taken off to be used as you see fit. There are some 30 different types of item to come across in the prison - ranging from tools and domestic products to the time-honoured weapons from previous games! As ever, any item in hand can be used to inflict bonus damage when attacking opponents. It's more frowned upon than ever in this game though, and has to be done quickly and discreetly if you want to avoid prosecution...

Cigarettes & Alcohol

In addition to the practical items, this game also ushers in a host of new 'consumable' items. All manner of vices are on hand to help you get through the day - including cigarettes, bottles of beer, and even painkiller injections! As in real life, they come at a cost though. Anything that improves your happiness tends to damage your health along the way (and vice versa), so drug use becomes a balancing act that you need to keep under control. However, it's not just users that carry them! There's money to be made by selling vices (and indeed any other desirable item) to your fellow inmates. Like the contracts in my business games, the offers vary from deal to deal though - so it takes a hustler to squeeze out the maximum profit. Similarly, if you find yourself without an item that you need you can often buy it from someone else - at which point the roles are reversed and you'll be praying for a reasonable price!

Scarred For Life

In amongst these daily dramas, your main concern is staying alive! You have health reserves that slowly deteriorate over the course of the day, and they can be further damaged by other exertions - such as fighting. When the meter hits zero, your character risks dying (as in Wrecked) and has a 50/50 chance of either regaining consciousness or abruptly ending your adventure. In the meantime, low health can still hinder your progress by forcing your character to move around with a tired stagger. Even when you're in a good shape, a freak injury or illness can plunge you into that beleaguered state. Unlike in previous games, injuries unfold in real-time in this game and must be endured until their effects wear off. However, one injury that doesn't heal quite so easily is the loss of a limb! As in previous games, attacks tear the flesh to varying degrees - and can even result in losing a body part completely (along with a river of blood). And you really feel the pain of such disfigurements in this game - because you have to live with the consequences for the rest of your time! As if prison life wasn't hard enough already...

The Pursuit Of Happyness

In addition to your physical health, you also have your mental health to worry about. A 'Happiness' meter deteriorates alongside your energy, and must be kept afloat by engaging in pleasurable activities or achieving things. Meanwhile, verbal attacks and disappointments nibble away at your morale in similar fashion. If this balance is lost and your happiness hits zero, your character suffers the death of the mind - a nervous breakdown! And, although it's interesting to see, it's no empty gimmick. You literally 'lose your mind', and must sit back and watch your character fly into a computer-controlled rage until he calms down! In the meantime, he lashes out at anyone he sees and answers negatively to every conversation - destroying friendships and creating unwanted rivalries every step of the way. With that much at stake, your character's happiness isn't something that can be ignored and must be kept in check as surely as their health...

Time To Kill

Both physical and mental exhaustion can be curbed by sleeping - which is just as well, because there are times when you won't have anything else to do! As in real life, the prison operates by a strict regime - whereby you're locked inside your cell between the hours of 10pm and 7am. This is your recommended time to refuel, so that you can face the next day with renewed vigour. Thankfully, it doesn't involve staring at the screen for 9 hours though! Although minutes and hours unfold before your eyes, they do so at an exaggerated rate - especially when engaged in automated activities such as working or sleeping. It generally works out that it only takes half an hour or so to play through the average day, and a night's sleep is dispensed with in a matter of seconds. You still get to enjoy a real sense of time though, because (as in Wrecked) the atmosphere gently blends from dusk 'til dawn and back again. And if there's any doubt, the wardens and tanoy announcements bark orders about what you should be doing!

Parallel Universe

As if the game wasn't big enough already, it goes beyond the preset universes of Wrestling Encore and Booking Encore to allow 3 separate games on file - each with their own unique cast of characters! Although that would be a logistical nightmare on paper, some clever programming makes it happen effortlessly and with no negative effect on the game's performance. However, that's not to say that good performance is guaranteed. Like many recent games, the sheer scale of this concept means that a powerful computer is needed to run a 100-man prison population. You have the option to choose how many you want though, so you can cut the population in half in an attempt to create your ideal scenario. Plus there are all the usual resolution and graphical detail options, which allow you to squeeze the best out of your system...

Identity Parade

Of course, before all of the above unfolds there's the small matter of creating your star character. As you can see, the editor is a little more scenic in this game (featuring the character stood next to the bed in his hypothetical cell) - but other than that it's the same old cocktail of statistics and appearance options for you to tinker with. You even get to choose which crime you're initially incarcerated for. The implication is that increasingly serious crimes give you a tougher reputation to start with, but see you locked up for longer - whereas minor crimes give you a short sentence, but a feeble reputation to build on. By starting each new game with different back stories, you can essentially change the difficulty and give yourself a new experience. And for budding modders, these editing facilities are available for every character in each game - so you can create and share your own customized prisons. There's no logical reason why it would be available as standard though, and must be unlocked via a cheat code!

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