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GTA 5 zip File Fee Download For Android, Highly Compress APK+ OBB (GTA V), Can I Play Online? Hello Guys, Today we are comes with another mod games which is GTA 5 Zip for android. You can get Unlimited action and adventure in mod games and all features. #GTA5 #GTA5Prologue #GTA5Apk #GTA5AndroidWhile searching for the mobile version of GTA 5 Android, you can easily get GTA 5 Prologue Apk Obb Android Mobile.

Are you a GTA lover and wants to know the exciting features of this most playing game?, then you are going to enjoy this. This is an amazing video game that was released by RockStar Games. In the start, GTA 5 was released only for PS4 and on Xbox. But now it is accessible on all devices and windows. GTA 5 is the bestselling video game of every year. On the first day of its launch about copies of worth $8 million were sold, and by the 3rd day, it was about $1 billion. It is one of the successful video games worldwide. GTA 5 APK adds extra qualities to GTA V. The player can add, delete or improve the effects by using “RockStar Editor.”


This mod can allow you to modify almost every feature of the game, but mostly these mods are available only for the single-player mode. Here I will describe a few of the exciting features.

  • You can sell the used vehicles anytime and at any cost. The code for using this mod is “Sell *vehicle name*”. You call the buyer with the vehicle name and he will whether accept your request or decline it. By this code, you can automatically detect the condition of your vehicle. And save the status of the vehicle.
  • The second feature that I want to discuss here is turning into an iron man. This is a very amazing and well-liked feature that GTA 5 provides you. Instead of taking any other character, you just turn into an iron man and wing your way through Los Santos and attack everyone that interrupted you in your way.
  • Another feature of GTA 5 apk that I want to describe here is turning your personality to Mario. You turn into Mario character with specific sound effects of the real Nintendo Entertainment System video games. Just ran across through the city and bombed-out any random stroller if you want, or chase Goomba and choose whatever plot you want.
  • Adding new missions is another feature of GTA 5. The players must meet the specific objective to move to the next mission. Some missions are completed by rescuing people while some require killing people in the city, Los Santos. The employer sends a text to start the mission. For activating this feature, you must install “Build a mission” mod. Extract the files when you want to start a mission while playing press “H” and then select any of installed mission and play.
  • Converting map of Los Santos is also a feature of GTA 5 APK. By using Fire ReBorn map can be fully transformed. You can inquire about new areas in the game.
  • In GTA 5 San Andres city is set. However, you can explore other areas like Liberty city by visiting them by flying, keeping it disconnected from the main game.
  • Before adding new vehicles, firstly in the game directory, you have to make a mod folder. After making this, click OpenIV. On the top right corner go to “tools” and open “ASI manager”. Now install ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi. After this, you can easily install cars of your own choice.
  • This game becomes more interesting when the rewards are awarded. The designers of this game have added many amazing rewards such as, you can mend your vehicles, you can upgrade your vehicles for better performance, and also you can upgrade Arsenal up.
  • The mod version of GTA 5 contains a very vast city. The game includes more people, more streets, and even more missions. The player can see his movements in the whole city by viewing on the map. He can see the positions of the tasks and targets on the map as well.
  • The graphics of the game enhance due to the 3D effects that the developer has introduced. All the things in this amazing game seem to be actual. This has enhanced the experience of the player. Everything such as people, vehicles, weapons, and the design of the game is really incredible. The player doesn’t get bored while playing this game.
  • Once you play GTA 5, you will experience being a villain that you will never run into. The player will use the bombs, guns, and other weapons that are easily available according to the given situation. If he is out of weapons than he can get weapons from his partners. It seems so realistic as you ask for help from your teammates.

Game Strategy

Aggressiveness, consumption of drugs, looting, and running are usual and ordinary things in GTA 5 APK. In the given scenario of the game, you can finish your tasks and can do anything in a given city without any obstruction. Sometimes you have to do random tasks that can be looting, picking someone, dropping someone in a specific time, and to a specific place. For instance, you can do the mission of the ambulance. In this mission, you have to pick the patients from a specified place and then drop them to the hospital in a given time. There are many cars in the game; most of them include Auto in their names. In this game, advanced machinery is used. The vehicles are of superior quality and proficiency. The view screen is so fine that the scenes in the game seem to be real. The camera vies of high quality. When someone completes a mission, he earns money. This money can be used to buy different things in the game, such as clothes, shoes, houses, weapons, and other gadgets as well. He can also upgrade the cars using this money. You can improve your performance in mission by upgrading your weapons or by inserting some silencers.

Android Version

This mod version will not run on any ordinary android phone. You must have a well-functioning android phone. Firstly, go and download some important files required for installing. Touch the screen left or right to select a vehicle, now touch the centre to spawn it. Then click “CJ” icon on the radar to get back to the hood. Touch the screen up or down to select a script, now click centre to start it. For example, touch the screen up, all the scripts will appear on the screen, now click skin and select whichever skin you want, like Andre, Big Bear Slim, Big Bear Fat, etc.

Is GTA 5 APK Legal?

It’s in the terms and policies of the game that such mods are not allowed. Due to this Rockstar games can ban your account as you are not following their conditions. In the meantime, Selling the used vehicles in the game is unlawful as it uses copyright content. If you are playing online GTA V, use mods, and get caught, then you will be banned. First time using mods will ban you for 30 days, 2nd time for 60 days and 3rd time will ban you permanently. Apart from that, using mods for fun is okay. For example, if you are modifying the game file to drive in a tank, then this will not be problematic. Just Keep the use of mods limited to only single-player and don’t get too concerned.

Final Words


This was a brief description of GTA 5 apk. I hope you enjoyed it. Download this version of GTA 5; you will like it. If you have any questions regarding this, then you can ask them in the comments box below.

Rockstar released GTA 5 in 2013, yet it is still very popular among ardent gamers. GTA Online which is a multiplayer game can accommodate up to 30 users playing at the same time. Adventures include roaming while searching for competitive tasks and lots more. But If we talk about can we play online simultaneously having different platforms then the answer is no because GTA 5 apk does not support online cross-platform multiplayer gaming but soon GTA 5 will be cross-platform for Xbox, Android, iOS, and other devices.

Details of GTA 5 APK:

LATEST UPDATENovember 23, 2020
ROOT REQUIRE?No Rooting Required
  • New guns, weapons, vehicles, and more.
  • New types of animals.
  • More traffic on the roads.
  • More detailed vegetation.
  • Improved effects of damages and weather conditions.

Features of the distribution:

  • Game version: 1.0.2060.1 / 1.52
  • Working multiplayer.
  • Quick installation (large volume compensation).
  • Built-in launcher with the ability to update the game.

How to Install GTA 5 APK?

You need to download its APK record with OBB And information document for the total arrangement. Try not to stress. We are giving all documents download and introduce.

  1. First, download the GTA V APK on your Android gadget from the connection referenced underneath.
  2. first, you have to download the zip file from below soon the link will be provided on our telegram channel –Telegram Download Link.
  3. Next, from Play Store and Install the Es File Explorer application to remove the Data document in this game envelope.
  4. Presently go to Es File Folder. The GTA 5 APK Zip Folder will be there. Concentrate this document on Android OBB.


Officially GTA 5 is not available for Android but soon we will be providing you a working method so that you can play GTA 5 on your Android Device so join our telegram channel.

People Ask For:


Ans. Fans of GTA 5 are keen to know if the game possesses the Cross-platform play in its 2020 version. GTA Online is among the best online multiplayer gaming experience available. It was only recently offered for free on Epic Games Store. Despite the existence of Epic Online Services, it is unfortunate that GTA 5 does not support cross-play or cross-platform.


Gta 5 Apk Obb Zip File Download For Android

Gta For Android Apk Download

Ans. Despite the expectations of gamers, Rockstar hasn’t provided GTA 5 cross-platform support for it. Rockstar has neither provided cross-platform for their recent title, Red Dead Redemption: Online nor the earlier GTA 5 online. It is apparent that Rockstar won’t be allowing cross-play for their games. However, there exist possibilities and it is sincerely hoped that with GTA 6 cross-platform will be enabled.