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Drive your dream cars in exciting tournaments and enjoy all the speed you can possibly want

The first GRID game turned out to be quite the pleasant surprise for the fans of the racing genre, because it felt different from the rest of what was out there. As such, even if the gameplay was still arcade, it featured a rather impressive physics engine and quite the punishing controls, which made it that much more challenging and exciting.

Download Grid 2 game 100% work untuk pc dan laptop windows full Version gratis highly compressed. Grid 2 adalah video game balap mobil sekuel dari seri TOCA Race Driver, Grid. Permainan ini adalah seri ke 2 dari judul Grid yang dikembangkan dan dipublikasikan oleh Codemaster. Grafis dari permainan ini tentu saja melebihi seri Grid pertama dengan gameplay yang baru serta kontrol yang mudah. 7/10 (95 votes) - Download GRID Autosport Android Free. GRID Autosport is an awesome racing car simulator where players have the opportunity to drive spectacular cars and compete in several colorful circuits.

Grid Tool Android latest 1.0.2 APK Download and Install. A free grid drawing utility program for analyze and design testing. Download GRID Autosport APK for Android. If I can choose the game of the year for iOS, I will definitely choose GRID Autosport. You can spend the day racing with it, unlocking more than 100 cars available and even just to look at this amazing graphics. GlowGrid 2 is a puzzle game developed by the same studio that created the award-winning 'I Love Hue', and challenges you to match colored tiles on a board with limited space. If you match four or more same-colored tiles, you'll make them disappear and they'll leave space for other tiles. The board of the game is a 6x6 tile grid.

More fun and plenty of new cars to enjoy

GRID 2 did not have to do an awful lot in order to get people interested, because the franchise is quite appreciated by racing fans all over the world. However, the doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good, or even better than the first part, because mistakes do happen. Hence, Codemasters seem to have gambled a lot on the popularity of their game and decided to go a bit overboard in a variety of ways.

To start off with, everything has been coated with an even thicker layer of arcade mechanics, because the game feels much more libertine when it comes to handling. Thus, you can now basically slide into the corners much easier, almost regardless of what vehicle you happen to be driving. In addition, a lot of AI problems have arisen in the meantime, which severely break the immersion when you need it the most.

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Good graphics and plenty of race modes

If you can get past these annoyances, a lot of fun and excitement await you. There are many different race modes to try out during the career mode, including some that may be familiar from the first episode. Plenty of new ones are available as well, such as the Checkpoint, which has you performing laps until your time runs out, while trying to overtake the opponents that got a head start.

As always, the game impresses from an aesthetic point of view, because the graphics look amazing and they certainly make the experience feel more real. The damage model is excellent as well, since every piece of your car is liable to fly off if you happen to touch the environment. In addition, the physics engine is quite realistic, even if the actual gameplay mechanics are very much arcade.

A fun game that can be enjoyed in multiplayer

All things considered, GRID 2 has its fair share of flaws and it comes with a few major annoyances that can ruin the experience for slightly more serious players. However, if you just want some fun and a bit of speed, this is definitely a game worthy of a shot, especially thanks to the beautiful graphics and the exciting race modes.

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  • Limited gameplay
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  • Hard Disk Space: 15 GB HD space
  • Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000 / AMD HD2600 / NVIDIA Geforce 8600
  • Sound: Direct X compatible soundcard
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