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OpenXC™ is a combination of open source hardware and software that lets you extend your vehicle with custom applications and pluggable modules. It uses standard, well-known tools to open up a wealth of data from the vehicle to developers, even beyond OBD-II. At Ford Motor Company, we strive to put people first and create a culture that’s focused on doing the right thing. We believe in working together and we face challenges head-on, because we’re Built Ford Tough. We’re one team aiming to make people’s lives better while creating value, delivering excellence and ultimately going for the win.

Keys, Remotes & Transponders

Keys, Remotes & Transponders

Blank keys, transponders and remotes. Huge selection available in stock that are available to purchase online.

Code Service

Your one stop shop for pincodes, key codes and VRM lookups.

Silca Smart Remote (SRP)

The Silca Remote Car Key is a unique-styled, compact remote that, once programmed, duplicates the functions of the original key.


With the KeyDIY system one single remote can be made into multiple different part numbers, ensuring you always have the correct stock to hand!

Locks & Switches

Ford True Code Software Download

A large range of locks, switches and components for various vehicles.

Key Programmers

Smart Pro

Smart Pro is the cutting-edge, easy-to-use device for easily programming transponder keys, proximity keys and remotes and for reading the PIN codes.


The first 'all in one' programming tool for the diagnostic or auto locksmith professional, with a huge range of specialist software and purchasing options.


The market leader in vehicle key and remote programming. Codes and deletes new keys and remotes, even when all are lost. Reads & clears immobiliser fault codes.


The MVP Pro is a 'Pay as you go' key programming system with an extremely small purchase price.

AD100Pro Truck

The ideal solution for key programming on 12V and 24V commercial vehicles.

True Code

A superb hardware and software that enables pincode extraction and key programming on Renault, Nissan and Ford vehicles.

DTS Connect

The remote diagnostic and programming solution over the internet.

Auto & Domestic Key Cutting

Key Cutting Equipment

A range of quality key cutting equipment able to cut any vehicle key, as well as the majority of domestic keys.


InstaCode is considered the leading Key Data Software throughout the world. InstaCode is a vital tool for any professional locksmith.

Auto & Domestic Locksmith Tools

Through The Door

A great selection of tools helping the professional locksmith to gain entry into locked vehicles.

Picks & Decoders

A selection of picks and decoder tools for opening vehicle locks.

Locksmith Accessories

Professional quality lock picks and decoders for opening and reading vehicle locks.

Cloning & Eeprom

RW4 Plus

A cloning device for reading and copying in stand-alone mode a wide range of transponders used on a variety of vehicle keys.

Fast Copy Plus

A cloning tool for reading and copying in stand-alone mode a wide variety of transponders.

Handy Baby

The original Handy Baby Key Programmer for 4C, 4D, 46 & 48 transponder chips. A simple to use car key cloner covering up to 80% of vehicles.

Jadoogar Software

Software for making keys for all Toyota & Lexus vehicles with 4C and 4D.


Packages that allow you to eeprom BMW EWS3 and EWS4 vehicles to create a key that starts the car.

Codex Lite

Programmer and PC software enabling users to read the eeprom file from the ECU or immobiliser system and save it to the PC.

Eeprom Tools

A selection of tools essential for working on eeproms.

Eeprom Accessories

A range of accessories and consumables essential for all your eeproming work.

Pincode Reading

Pincodes and Key Codes

Our Code Service offers vehicle pincodes, key codes, radio codes, EKA codes and more.

VRM Lookup

Get a wealth of information on your vehicle including engine number, PNC data and legal status.

Smart Dongle

A single dongle to replace all existing dongles and smart card on the AD100Pro and MVPPro.

Peugeot & Citroen Pincode Wizard

A simple and easy to use device able to extract the pincode from a range of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles.

VAG Pincode Retrieval Tool

Can be used to extract the security pincode from a large range VAG vehicles.

Kia & Hyundai Pincode Convertor

A dongle for the AD100Pro and MVPPro that converts VIN number into 6 digit pincode.

Nissan Pin Read Dongle

A dongle for the AD100Pro and MVPPro that reads Nissan picodes from the vehicle.

Immobiliser Bypass

Renault Emulation

Avoid the expense of replacing lost keys on early Renault vehicles with the Renault Emulator.

Rover City Immobilser Bypass

Bypasses the immobiliser on City Rover (Tata) vehicles.

Key Programming Accessories

Smart Dongle

A single dongle to replace all existing dongles and smart card on the AD100Pro and MVPPro.

Spares for Key Programmers

A selection of spares, dongles and cables for the Advanced Diagnostics range of Key Programmers.

Programming Accessories

Useful accessories for key programming.

Accessories for Keys & Remotes

Bits and pieces for keys and remotes, including remote parts, batteries and transponder kits.

Reference Material

A selection of publications to aid you in all aspects of key programming.


Key Programming Brochure

Download our complete Key Programming Brochure here.