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Modern EMV card reader software developed by PrilexTeam not only skim data from POS and ATM machines, software can also clone cards. These fake EMV cards are further used to complete cash withdrawals and buy products off the market. The Prilex EMV software is one of such EMV reader writer software solutions available on the market.

You will get software, guide, binlist and extra information

Direct download after 1 confirmation

1)What type of card i can Read Write with this emv Software?
SDA and DDA (Static/Dinamyc) It can be any Visa,Visa Electron,MasterCard,Maestro,Amex,Union-Pay,Diners,Discover,JCB.
2)This emv Software will Work in any Country?
Yes It will work in any Country in the World Where EMV Tech Is Used.
2)What data is necessary to Make a ATM Transaction?
You will need to Write the Track 2.
3)Can i use any PIN at ATM With the Card?
No,You will need to use the Original PIN Cod.
4)Can i use any PIN in POS?
Yes you can use any Pin.
5)Can i See The balance and Withdraw money From ATM?
Yes,If you have the Original Pin cod and a valid Track 2 Then you will be able to make any operation like with the Original Credit card.
6)Where can i find Smart cards?
7)Where can i find the Hardware?
8)What is happening if i lose my pc with the EMV Software on it?
We will not be able to help you,we will not send you a new emv software
9)What is the Price for This emv Software?
1.5K USD We only accept Bitcoin.
10)What i will receive?
You will Receive The Full Version X2 Software, no License Key,The Instruction manual.
11)This emv software have an Expiration date?
No,once you buy it is your for live.
12)There will be Furthered Update?
Yes,We will Implement NFC Reader/Writer.
13) I will need to pay extra money for Furthered Update?
No they will be totally free.


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Emv Smart Card Reader Software Download

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Emv Card Reader Software

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