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Before taking into consideration the possibility of upgrading the hardware, it is necessary to look at the current status of drivers installed, since a simple update to the latest version (e.g. graphics card) can be all it takes to achieve the desired performance.

Driverpack Solution 2014 Online Installer

DriverPack Solution Online is similar to Windows Update except that it focuses specifically on device drivers. It maintains a massive list and actually associates drivers with hardware based on manufacturer recommendations; installation is easy, the client has a very small footprint, and it uses very little memory. DriverPack Solution is a freeware driver installer software download filed under drivers and made available by DriverPack Solution for Windows. The review for DriverPack Solution has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.

There are many utilities designed to identify and update drivers, but most of them are pretty pricey. Once in a while, however, you may come across an app that promises great results without charging for anything. Such is the case of DriverPack Solution, a free and open-source tool that works offline to identify and update drivers. It can be deployed right after reinstalling the operating system, so you don't have to go through the trouble of manually downloading all drivers.

Package size, portability, interface

The bad news is that the whole package is quite large and it will take a while to download. The good news is that installation is not required, which makes DriverPack Solution portable. This means that the executable file can be immediately launched once the ISO image is mounted, in order to use the app.

Moreover, by burning the utility to a disc or saving it to an external hard disk, it is possible to quickly run DriverPack Solution on any PC to update its drivers.

The interface is pleasant to look at and comfortable to navigate. An initial scan is run at startup to establish the driver status and find out whether they require updates or not. The program also integrates the setup packs of some popular software applications that come in handy to any user, and they can be easily installed.

Run an initial scan and examine info

How it works

It runs a system diagnostics to reveal the computer name, BIOS type, RAM, hard disk device name, system name, and antivirus status. For example, it alerts users if there is no antivirus application installed on the workstation, lets them run a scan, analyze any drive to remove junk files via Disk Cleanup, defrag the hard disk using Windows' built-in function, as well as test the RAM for any issues.

When it comes to getting the latest version of drivers, it is possible to just update them or add the installation of the separate programs as well. Changes can be applied to all volumes, or any of them can be included or excluded from the task. Additionally, the utility can be set to create a system restore point, in order to reset settings to default if any OS stability issues occur after making the driver updates.

Driverpack Solution 2015 Online

Customize and run the driver scannerDuring the task, the app shows a progress bar for all drivers, along with the currently processed one. A system restart is required after obtaining the items and before their actual installation.

Configure some useful settingsFurthermore, users may access Device Manager without leaving the interface, add or remove programs from the computer by resorting to Windows' default feature, save logs with the app's entire activity to the current folder, as well as back up all drivers from the DriverPack database or the system (to EXE format).

Back up drivers and switch to expert modeAdvanced users may switch to expert mode to get a list of all installed drivers, whether they are unknown, obsolete, up-to-date or standard. It is possible to look up driver information manually or automatically on the developer's online database, in order to retrieve the latest version and also inspect information concerning the vendor, operating system, driver date, and version. Instead of the automatic installation, users may perform a manual one.

The Good

DriverPack Solution offers support for multiple languages as well as 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, XP through 8/8.1. It worked smoothly on 64-bit Windows 8.1 Pro during our evaluation, without causing it to hang, crash or pop up error messages.

Driver scan jobs are performed rapidly while CPU and RAM usage is minimal.

It is free to use and open source.

The main attraction of the application is that it updates drivers offline by resorting to its extensive database, while newer ones can be looked up online. Plus, it is possible to back up and restore the original drivers in case of problems. In case you have just reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows, you can download the latest drivers and install useful applications at the same time, courtesy of DriverPack's software database.

The Bad

Considering its large size, it may take a long time to download the tool.

Driverpack Solution 17 Offline Download

A few extra features are actually shortcuts to Windows tools.


The app failed in its attempt to update several drivers.

Driverpack Solution 2015 Free Download

The Truth

Taking into account that it is free, anyone can test DriverPack Solution for themselves to find out whether it is effective or not. Our evaluation has not revealed any noteworthy stability issues. Those who do not have patience to download the DVD-sized full package may resort to a lighter version called DriverPack Solution Lite, which is also free. However, it is ad-supported and does not include database drivers, software and diagnostic tools.

Driverpack Solution 2020 Offline Download

DriverPack Solution is a program that greatly simplifies the process of installing drivers by automating the process. No longer do you have to deal with any more problems regarding searching for the right drivers and then installing them as this software will allow you to install all the required drivers on any Windows-based computer (from XP onwards) with just a few clicks of the mouse. It also supports 64 bit systems. The program is designed to be used by anyone from home users to system administrators, offering you an easy, quick and efficient way of installing the correct drivers for the devices attached to your computer and then keeping them up to date. This software also has the widest range of support, covering all sorts of devices including USB devices, PCI, ACPI, PNP and much more. When you start using the software, the driver installation process will be fully automated, and since it already contains a comprehensive database of drivers, you don't even need to be connected to the Internet at the time.