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Aldostools has released another update to PS3 Game Updates. The newest release adds a scanning feature for PS3 ISO’s along with scanning of directories such as /GAMES/, /PS3ISO/, /GAMES/

PS3 Game Updates 3.0.7
This application downloads PS3 and PSP/PSVita game updates and patches.

RPCS3 Update Downloader. This program is a simple Python script that parses RPCS3's games.yml file and allows the user to download updates for any games in their RPCS3 library using a simple tkinter GUI.

Main Features in PS3 Game Updates:

Support concurrent queued downloads. new feature!
The title id field accepts many formats of title id (eg: title id with/without dash, content id, URL of pkgs, etc).
Search updates by name of the game.
The title id field also accepts the path of GAMES or the IP of the PS3 (to scan multiple games).
Show game patches 3.56+ in a different color (pink).
Auto-detects game patches already downloaded (search in PS3_UPDATE, PS3_EXTRAS, and in the default download path) and show them in gray.
Asks for confirmation to download patches 3.56 or higher. Required firmware version is appended to the name of the file.
Show game cover and game description even if the game does not have updates.
Auto-fix downloaded PKGs that required firmware 3.60

What’s New?
Changelog for v3.0.7:
Added scan for updates of PS3 ISOs, added scan of GAMES + GAMEZ + PS3ISO folders if a path like x: is entered.


Download Developer Rudi Rastelli has updated his Ps3PS3 Game Updater and PS3P PKG Ripper app. This app will get you extracting PKG files and is said to be optimized to improve speed. Use this tool to update your games that are in either PKG, ISO or folder format.[break].[/break]
PS3 Game Updater Features:

Download Ps4 Game Updates On Pc

  • Single-Game-Mode: Downloads game-update(s) by simply selecting a game in one of it's 3 usual formats(PKG / ISO / Folder).
  • Batch-Mode: Creates an updates-archive, which could contain all available updates for all games of the user. Choose either a game-archive(ISOs, PSN-Game-PKGs or Game-Folder) or a text-list containing 'Game-IDs'.
  • PKG-Extractor: Extracts PKG-files at the same folder where the PKG-file is.
  • Install-Updates-Disc: Creates a disc, which can be used to offline install game updates of a certain game(2 types of disc: auto-install & bubble install) *NEW* Discs can be created in folder- or ISO-format.(ISOs bigger 4GB will be splitted whenever a FAT32 device is selected as target.)
  • Finale-Game-Disc: Creates a disc, containing the game itself and all of it's updates for auto install. *NEW*
  • Integrate Updates: Convertion and Intergration of update(NPDRM)-files to disc-files (useful mainly 4 ODE-users with older PS3-firmware) *NEW*
  • Aborted downloads will be resumed
  • Already downloaded game-updates will be skipped
  • Outdated game-updates will optionally be deleted from updates-archive
  • The update-pkg-files get well readable names
  • Creates a log-file while updating updates-archive in order to have a quick overview of wht#s been updated *NEW*

Download Ps4 Game Updates Usb

Download:PS3 Game Updater v1.52