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Provide free ODBII diagnostic functions. Receive one vehicle release version for free. Support 19 maintenance services including EPB, TPMS, BMS, Brake bleed, DPF, Immo keys, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, Seats and others. Provide complete historical diagnostic records to quickly diagnose vehicles through historical records. Update Software and serial number: 1). Update and Registration: all Autel scanners with SD card need to register on Autel official site, and download software program via the machine or connect PC Suite to Autel server, the software program is bound with the serial number, copy the software from other machines is not allowed, nor the SD card is. Learn how to perform updates with Maxi PC Suite, demonstrated on an #Autel #MaxiTPMS #TS508.Talk with an Autel Tech LIVE, Monday - Friday, 9AM - 9PM ESTCall.

Question before starting:

I bought the Autel XP400 equipment only without the im608, could you please show the step by step to download the software? where or how can I download it?


Both Autel XP400 Pro and XP400 work ok in PC , Autel have software “ATProgrammer” for pc too download in home page and works perfect.

I. Download XP400 ATProgrammer Software

Go to the Autel product website and log in on the current user login screen with the registered Autel ID

Select [PC Suite].

Select [PC Programmer].

Select [Download].

After the download is successfully completed, open the installation package and follow the prompts to install the ATProgrammer software.

Accept license agreement

Select the destination folder location for installation

Follow the prompts to install the device driver installation wizard.

The device driver installation is completed.

The ATProgrammer software installation is completed.

The Autel XP400 software is successfully started and the programmer is successfully connected.

After installation of the ATProgrammer, if a new version of the ATProgrammer software is available, you can click the upgrade icon in the lower left corner to upgrade

Autel Support And Updates

The tips that the current version is up to date will be displayed if the version is the latest. Upgrade will be prompted if a new version is available.

II. Update Autel XP400 Software & Firmware

The software and XP400 firmware can be upgraded automatically via ATProgrammer software.

The specific steps are as follows:
Select the upgrade icon in the lower left corner.

The software will automatically detect the latest version and click [Update] to upgrade.

The upgrade process may be slow. Please be patient and do not close the software!

Update package download is completed. Click [OK] and follow the prompts to install the software.

The ATProgrammer has been installed on your computer. Connect XP400 with your computer via USB and open the ATProgrammer.

Firmware detected must be upgraded. Click [OK] to upgrade. (Note: please do not power off during firmware upgrade!)

The tips that the current software version is up to date will be displayed after the firmware upgrade! The upgrade is over

III. Autel XP400 Software Function Introduction

  • MCU / EEPROM Chip Read / Write
  • ECU Read / Write
  • MC9S12 Encrypted Chip Read / Write
  • Key Reading / Writing
  • Mercedes Infrared Key Reading / Writing
  • Finding the Control Frequency
  • IC Card Reading / Writing

Interface of ATProgrammer Software

Read chip

Check: Autel XP400 Adapter Chip List

Write chip


select the chip models to view the corresponding diagrams.
1) EEPROM diagram

2) MCU diagram (The [Programmer IO0-IO7 Pin Diagram] can be clicked to view.)

3) IMMO diagram (The Immobilizer diagram can be enlarged or rotated by double-click.)

Find chip

manually enter the chip model to automatically find the chip type, manufacturer and name.

Detection key

if the key type is unknown, you can select the Automatic Detection for key types. Other types of key functions need to be manually selected.

Generate key

select the chip type that supports generation, and manually enter the required bytes for generation.

Unlock chip

: Select the chip type that supports unlocking.

Other Functions

Language settings



Check: Autel XP400 Programmer User Manual

IV. Autel XP400 All-in-one Programmer FAQs

Q: Where to download Autel XP400 software?

A: See Part 1 above.

Q: Does xp400 also do the common readings that UPA does?

A: Yes.

Q: With those readings you would generate the keys, wouldn’t you?

A: Yes, you can generate key with dump data read by xp400.

Q: Does it consume token? how many tokens?

A: No, no consume token.

Q: XP400 is it compatible with MaxiSys Pro? I bought an MaxiSys Pro, but now i need to buy a MaxiIM IM608, my question is, should i need all the MaxiIM IM608 bundle or only the XP400 key programmer and this will compatible with the maxisys pro?

A: The MaxiSys Pro does not have the immobilizer software that even mentions using the XP400 key programmer let alone the step by step instructions for using it.
XP400 is not compatible with MaxiSys platforms at this time.
You would think that you would at least be able to purchase a cost effective add on IM508 software App for MaxiSys with the XP400 programmer to bolster the immobilizer capability of the tools.

Q: Is the Im508 can do Mercedes key ?obd? I got G-box2 and XP400?
W204 and W212 I tried to a key when all keys lost and couldn’t get password, connect to ELV and fuse 47. I used G-box and XP400
Is the IM508 can do those cars? or IM508 CAN NOT do Mercedes keys?
A: Yes. IM508 and XP400 can do the W212. Search youtube video guide.

Q: If the MS908S is able to program with J2534 And xp400?

The XP400 is a key programmer or PIN extractor tool used in conjunction with the IM608/IM508. The IM608 will tell you when you need to use the XP400 and should give instructions steps for doing things. A MS908S software is different and lacks key programming and PIN pulling capability of IM608 and will lack instruction for XP400 , and unfortunately isn’t going to become an IM608 simply by plugging XP400 into your MS908S.

Q: Is it possible to use XP400 with MK908P?
A: No.

Q: What’s the difference between IM608 with XP400 and IM508 with XP400?

A: Check table comparison below:

Q: How to connect XP400 with IM608? Do you have connection diagram?

A: Connect xp400 with APA adapters and the other end to IM608 host. Check image below:

Q: I have im608 and xp400. xp400 won’t read key info or frequency of 6 keys from different manufacturers. Ford, Mercedes, VW, BMW. Haven’t been able to test beyond that. Any idea?


1. XP400 software too old. Run a update: current latest version V2.51. see Part 2.

2. Change another USB port to connect to IM608 (IM608 host has 2 USB ports)

3. Correct XP400 with IM608 correctly. DON’T connect XP400 with vehicle directly otherwise will cause damage.

4. If all have been checked without issue, send XP400 S/N back to repair/replace.

Keep updating…

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In this article, you will read:

  1. Create an Autel User ID.
  2. Register Autel MaxiSys
  3. Update your Autel MaxiSys


System / Vehicle


  1. Deleting vehicles /Apps from Autel MaxiSys

Autel MaxiSys tools include: Autel MaxiSys MS908P, MaxiSys MS906BT , Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro etc.

Let’s get start.

Part 1: Create an Autel User ID

1st, browse

From this site, you will be able to create a new Autel ID.

Or you already have one registered user, just sign in.

If you need to Create an Autel ID, enter your email address as your Autel ID, you will receive one confirmation email after you filled out the required information.

The password must contain 6 characters with one number and one letter.

After entering your first and last name, you will be asked to choose an Autel Community User Name. This is the name that other users will see when you participate in the community forums. These communities will be discussed in a later video.

Once you have finished out the rest of the required information, you will be asked to type the characters you see in the image, then click on “Create and Autel ID”.

Open your email and check in your box, you are looking for an email from [email protected] If you did not see any email in the box, check the junk box to make sure it was not flagged as a spam email. Also keep the email address in your contacts, this is a great resource if you have any question for Autel suppprt team.


Once you find the email, open it and click on the link provided, this will take you back to the OTO page and give you confirmation that your account has been created, from here you will click on the sign-in button and it will return you to the login page.

Enter your new Autel ID and the password you just created.

Once you fill in the security image, click on “Sign”.

Next is to the Autel Product registration page.

If you have multiply Autel Tools, they will also be registered here, from the drop menu, select the Autel tool you will register, such as MaxiSys Pro MS908P, MaxiSys Mini, MaxiSys MS906BT etc.

Once you open your tool, you will find the Serial number in the About.

There are a lot of information in your account page.

The first place we are going is “Your Devices”.

Here you will see the devices you’ve registered.

Notice it will give you the date of you registered and the date your updates will end.

Also you are able to give each tool a description, if you have multiple locations with the same tool, this will give you the ability to differentiate them.

One last thing to do on this page is to go to the PC Suite link and download the PC suite for your tool. This Suite will give you the drivers and print functions you will need.

Part 2: Update Autel MaxiSys Step by Step

Now your Autel MaxiSys has been registered, you will need to update it.

Let’s switch over to our Mac’s assist tool and make sure you are connected to the internet by going to the home screen : Settings ->Wifi, select your network and make sure you are connected.

There are 3 methods to update MaxiSys:

  1. The first one is entering the site, you need to do a MaxiSys update. This is the simple process down by going to the home screen, and select “System Update”.

Once on, check for update. This update should be checked every 6 months for new versions.

  1. Now back to the home screen, we are ready to update on the Mac, this can be done by clicking on “MaxiSys” icon, or the “M” home at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Select “Update” button.

We are now in the update screen, I recommend checking this weekly to keep current on all the most recent updates and fixes. As you can the update screen will also show you what the update contains, this is an example, there is an update for Chrysler that give us a thousand special functions for headlights, battery, immobilizer, fuel injector, throttle, key, DPF, tire pressure system etc.

This is why it is so important to consistently check for updates, once you have looked through the vehicles that you can update. Select the “Update” next to the vehicle or simply select all. The MaxiSys has 32GB memory built-in, so there is no concern of running out of memory, there are no negative effects from having all vehicles loaded.

Autel Update Software Download

Part 3: update the VCI

Now that we have the Android platform up to date, and vehicle library up to date, our final step is to update the VCI.

The VCI is the vehicle communication interface and it is the part that plugs into the vehicle, we need to make sure the firmware is up-to-date, we can do it by connecting the VCI to the MaxiSys Tool with the provided USB cable. If you are doing the update on you J2534 MaxiFlash Box, you will need to connect the power supply to the VCI.

When back to the MaxiSys home, slide the screen to the left until you see the orange “VCI Manager”.

Once connected, you will have the option to check for updates and install the updates, this updates should be checked every 6 months.

You are now completely up to date.

Part 4: Deleting vehicles /Apps from Autel MaxiSys tool

Occasionally there will be times that you have the desire to delete vehicles from you MaxiSys tool, it may be that one of your vehicles is not functioning correctly or if you wish to move vehicles to get rid of clutter. The way you can do is by going to the MaxiSys home screen and clicking on “Data Manager”.

Once you are on the Data Manager page, click on “APPs” here you will see all the vehicles that are loaded onto your tool. If you wish to delete one of the vehicles, simply select the vehicle and a check mart will appear. When you have made all the selections, click on the trash can, and it will be removed.

If any time, you wish to add the deleted vehicles back to the tool, simply do the update process again.

This is the end of update procedure.

I hope that you have found it helpful and informative.

Autel MaxiSys tech support is offered by

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